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People will always be harsh, but Ben has always been consistent in his tone and content. He makes history interesting to the layman and deserves more exposure because of it.

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If you look at them just today, sure, I would agree with you. But from a historic perspective they hit the mark on all three.

With the exception of when they were under Howell's leadership, Rastafarians have always been a very decentralized religious movement because they originated out of various Selassie cults. But most mansions still adhere to Howell's definition of Babylon, which is white society: The original battle against Babylon was thought of as an apocalypse. But they've toned themselves down a lot since the '70s, when they were fiercely political, because they lack the leadership they once had.

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Centralia is a bit of a gray area because there isn't enough evidence for either theory over why the mine fire started.

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It was Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571. A team of rugby players was stranded in the Andes for 72 days:

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Well, he confessed before a Truth & Reconciliation comission:

If you have a bit of time to kill you can view them here: (starts towards the end of the page)

He claims to be reformed and will accept any punishment they give him, but I can't find a reference to him being tried for any crimes in the official report they issued.

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I should have clarified. He is a minor historic figure that the Vikings named for Njals Saga, "Ulf Hreda" is the name they picked. He was just some insane warrior that was related to Brian Boru.

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Awesome feedback. :)

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It is pretty awesome that you wrote a book about piracy and work for the IMF:

What's life like in Madagascar?

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