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I honestly can't say I'm surprised! Now I will have a lot more incentive to try it out.

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Ha ha, no need to apologize! This is your life, your blog. We appreciate every little morsel you can offer us, but we love you no less if you should need a break. Sweet dreams, Becca.

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I was thinking about putting this up there, but I'm a control freak, and I recognize that adding the plugin would force me to give up certain creative freedoms. But I don't know, I change my find frequently, so that could change.

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Heh, thanks. Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. We're probably not *technically* a generation apart, because, I'm 20, but it feels like it because you have a family and all this maturity and intelligence that I feel like I won't have for years!

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Thank you! I'm tickled that you actually find time to check out your users' sites. That's awesome. :)

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Wow, this plugin is absolutely amazing! That aside, you and your family are so adorable. You sound like the kind of people I would like to have as neighbors someday. But alas, we are technically a generation apart, and yet, you're not much older than I am. Anyway, stay wonderful, and have a nice day. :)