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I have to agree this is a slippery slope on the designers versus artists. Designers ARE artists. One of my best friends is a digital designer and painter and every design she does goes through several hand-sketched versions, and then goes into photoshop where she used a digital tablet to hand mold and draw and color each design. She is most certainly an artist. Also my fiance is a graphic designer and I would say he works just as hard and turns out just as good of a result as an old-school illustrator. It's easy to think that computer= faster, easier, less talent or detail involved but that is simply not true.

That being said, my opinion as someone having done art commission and muraling, and my fiance's opinion as a graphic designer and digital artist, we both agree that $500 is very steep. Maybe not for some areas but..I could easily get a huge tattoo, put on my body with all the hours of work included, and the custom design to go with for less than that. So yes, from a tattoo artist especially, that seems steep. I think you could find a litany of other artists, digital or no, to do it for much less.

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Also, since he is a tattoo artist, would he charge the same to custom design you this illustration for your body? If it's more, then there's no good reason for it.

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I absolutely love this wedding! What a gorgeous couple, and I daresay I've never seen a more AWESOME groom! Love the traditional cultural elements of his outfit, and the facepaint is beautiful. Great hair and feathers! And the bride's looks so smashing on her...and their tattoos! Amazing! What a HOT couple!!!

I love this wedding. The photos are so a honest...I love that you can SEE their love for each other. Such romantic and fun shots. Everyone is so rocker-chic with their fashion..really a stylish bunch! I love it so much. They are perfectly gorgeous together. <3

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Absolutely well said. I love the idea of it being life-encompassing, about the most important part: the marriage, and everything that goes into it.

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I agree offbeat home seems a little stereotypical, but so do weddings, and having kids, if you think about it...but we are rocking it our own way! My actual concern is...or rather, preferences about...I don't want to concentrate on the material. I love gushing over decorations and making a home and diet and ecolife choices and that sort of thing...but what about people who don't have a home? What about eternal travelers, circus people, roadtrippers, people who live in RVs...people who live outdoors? I agree with the fear that making it be too narrow might be putting us in a box. Also...I voted for "Offbeat Wife" or something equivalent but not gender specific like "Offbeat Life" or "Offbeat Marriage"...because in the end, we could have a "home" section or "lifestyle" section in there..but it could also focus on things that are so important after the building a lasting marriage, keeping love kindled, adventures do to with your significant other, ways to build respect and honor in your life together, romantic things to do, advice, etc. While I love the idea of squeeing about my material possessions and doing DIY home stuff just as much as the next person...I love (ala a Practical Wedding) when people focus on the importance being the love and commitment and the soul of it all. A healthy mix of both would be best!

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I love this wedding. The photos standing in front of the Star Wars display ROCK MY WORLD!! The couple is totally gorgeous- what a SMASHING suit on the groom, and the bride is va-va-voom beautiful. What a wonderful, free-spirited wedding! So awesome. It just goes to show that attitude really is everything. You can tell they are going to have a fun-filled, exciting life together! Perfect for each other <3

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I'm eyeballing these beauties for my wedding-day dancing feet: