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BTW, Fozzie is a bear... Hmmm... a BEAR...

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I think there are so few comments because it's a difficult question! Sofie's choice, so to speak... Of COURSE Benjamin is the cutest...

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Everyone has already said what I would say -- really, really good comments. At the heart of most of our dark emotions is fear. Take heart in the fact that you are Superwoman, and even if the worst were to happen, you would be OK. I love the quote from Marilyn Monroe, too. I may just have to make a bumper sticker of that or something! I know! T-Shirts, Alaina!!

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Almost all of my friends are married, and it's funny because I sometimes have to remind them that I can't just run out to the store, or come over to pick something up unless the boy comes along (many people mistake "single" for "free"). I think it's an age thing -- most people my age have found their significant other. I have a couple of friends who are divorced but I don't see them any more often because we are so busy. I also have a friend who is separated, and needs to divorce her lying, cheating husband, but I have to bite my tongue for now. His online dating profile was actually sent to me by a dating site I was on -- ewww!

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Beautiful. Thank you! : )

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Going to get my tattoo this evening! I'm nervous!! I'll send you a pic later!

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He DOES look like Tom Selleck! I can send you a tigers hat, Alaina!!

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Isn't he your little brother? So technically he looks like you because you came first...

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I believe that my son will grow up to be a better, more capable person because of the decisions I have made. I believe that there could be someone out there for me, but I also believe that if you plan for it, life will throw you a curveball, so it is better to have no expectations and take things as they come. I believe that people will begin to accept autism and those who deal with it, and stop treating it as if it is a disease, and something to be "cured". I believe I am the happiest I have been in my all of my 34 years, and that I'm finally becoming the person I was meant to be.