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Yes Derek...

I look forward to going to an event here in Georgia myself. I think their mission is an essential one.

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I think we can all agree that Big Pharma will have a say in this debate some where along the line. In my opinion it would not benefit them to allow legalization for medical use, as people would be more apt to be "self-medicating" then spend big bucks on all the drugs BP is pushing on the American People. The BP Corps, lobbyists, FDA and slanted politicians will not let their cash cow disappear without a fight, and you can be assured those interests will be at the top of the list in any discussion dealing with marijuana legalization.

Unless of course, Big Pharma decides to start buying up Pharm Land to grow it's own product.....

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This is most likely a political play, as was stated above. Beck was probably rided about anti-Perry comments, and he flipped to the other side with discrediting Medina. The real losers here are the American People in the sense that once again, we have an example of 'the same old politics" Who is rubbing whose back. Why does Palin support McCain? Why does she support Perry? Political favors... sadly. Medina stands strong for the Constitution, many thought Palin did until she decided to back McCain...

Michael, you have done a great job of putting Beck in his place. And I have supported Beck on many things.

The people need statesmen who will stand for the Constitution as their oath declares. As Michael and Josh stated, there is so much daily going on that is unconstitutional, when will the true constitutionally minded candidates be able to get this country back on track with the founding principles as it's guide book.

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With the concept of each state making its own laws that could grant liberty, or remove it, the beauty of the 10th is that it forces that privilege on the states, and the people living in them would have to live with it, or they could move to another state that has laws more in line with the values they hold.

It would not be FORCED upon all 50 states, as it is from the Federal level. The people are then left with no out from a tyrannical government, except to work the political process to correct it, or in the extreme case, revolt.

GA 10th

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Agreed ..

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I agree with this statement. This is huge in the fact that the state lost a very important and effective point of representation in DC. By the States General Assemblies electing or appointing its senators to Congress, the State Government would have a more representative voice in what legislation is passed and how it will effect their respective states. By electing senators in general elections, as a congressman is, you have reduced the effectiveness of the office by eliminated another designed check and balance mechanism.

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>>>>What would happen if the federal government were to create a special class of citizenship for the residents of Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the District of Columbia. Wouldn't that be lawful, and moral, and constitutional?<<<<

I may be mistaken, but I believe if you are born in a territory of the US you are a citizen as well..

Is this correct? I need to research this...

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It is bad enough that the Federal Government will tell the States what to teach, who to hire, and how to train, (UNCONSTITUTIONAL) but then add on the fact that The US government will be blackmailing them from to take on theses directives as outlined by the United Nations.

"Let's wave these education funds in their faces and see which states will sign on..."

Regular people go to jail for bribery and blackmail...

Lou Riccio
Georgia 10th

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fascist ??? The Progressives are the Birth of Fascism...

They are so ignorant, it hurts..

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The people speak, the system stifles it. I think it is obvious that the People are getting fed up with the chess game these politicians are continually engaged in with our rights and freedoms. As one commenter has stated, the Tea Parties, if nothing else, has opened many peoples eyes.

I for one blieve they are doing much more then that.