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true true. The whole point really was number 5, but \"1 Reason why...\" just isn\'t as catchy or maybe it is.

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Yeah, that sounds awesome. Is it terrible that I've been meaning to do something regarding the fair trade chocolate thing and didn't realize till now that next week is valentine's, probably a little late to do something at our church.

How big is your church? Like how many people attend? And what percent do you think are involved in all those things? We go to a maybe 400+ Sunday attending church, but it doesn't seem like many people do a ton outside of Sunday service. I'm still learning about all that's going on though and I'm working toward advocating for change (the kind of stuff that's happening at your church it seems like).


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Tell me about your church. :) What specifically shows it's attention to justice issues?

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I'd argue maybe you and I have had enough preaching and Bible teaching to last us the rest of this earthly life and it's time to put things into practice. I'd say that's true of a lot of church goers.
The thing is, no matter how hard I push this, on the blog or in the church, I highly highly doubt the sermon is going away anytime soon.
I agree with you a little on the idea of the elders, but don't we have that in Elder boards and don't they seem to do anything but shift churches to put more attention and focus on justice issues?

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I just looked on google Books and they are 88, 109, and 183 respectively.
Hope that helps.

You can read more here:

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Yes a joke.

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Wouldn't that be great? The thing is, if I just do it, then most of the time it's just Ariah doing it, not a movement of the church or a shift of a particular church.
For example, when we lived in Nashville, I'd just skip church sometimes and go with a bunch of anarchist to make and eat lunch with a bunch of homeless downtown. It was wonderful and great, but it was just me, never anyone else from the church I attended.
If I was planning on just ditching the whole church thing (and believe me, I've considered it), then that might make sense, but for now, I'll spend some time trying to pull others along with me

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I agree. That being said, I'm not sure it's feasible to suggest that, as I don't see it happening. So, the question becomes how do we build that type of community into large, already existing churches.

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For a minute I thought you meant literally break up the church, and I was thinking, now that's radical! (And I might suggest it, but I don't think it's reasonable to think it'll happen).
But, I'm thinking your saying just purposefully create small 'house church' size groups to meet and bond?

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I love it when people recommend books already on my list, makes me more motivated to read them, but here's my current list: