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When I look for property around lakes in a many states, all I see is State Park land surrounding these bodies of water. Looks to me like the government confiscated alot of waterfront property years ago. The problem with this....although the state would say that the lakes are then available to everyone, that is not so. It means they are underused except but by a few who camp or boat there. No one can live there.

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Heard the former CEO of shell talking about this and the fact that one thing that is noticeably absent from the administration's response is the big equipment that can successfully suck or skim hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil from the water before it hits shore. the countries who offered help were offering this big equipment and O said NO. Me thinks Oil Execs and anyone with power (governors, elected officials) need to stand up and be very vocal and say what they would do so that the right actions become known versus obscured as O wants to keep it.

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This is the new Chicagoland. People will say Obama has no part in this. He is the head of this horrid thug body that has been spawned from the last election. Where are the crowds outside of the mansions of Dems who robbed our country and made a killing off all the financial scams (e.g., Freddie, Fannie, and the likes)? Just wait till the ARRA and health reform bills hit and folks and providers are silently 'killed off' or suffering while the politicos and friends who set this all up make a financial killing.

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I am confused. Help me out here. We already have 40 million people on food stamps and STILL need to provide breakfast, lunch, AND dinner to these children whose families are likely already getting welfare benefits and food stamps? What is wrong with this picture? Will we next provide showers and clothes? Why are we paying the same group of people over and over again? My store manager nephew says he sees too many welfare folks spending their food stamp dollars on luxuries like lobster and steak in VA Beach.

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This is amazing to me. We have this low class President who says and does these ridiculous stirring up trouble on national news conferences and then thinking he can end it with a "come on over for a beer" in that FAUX good ol boy Chicago manner of his. And, in spite the nation demonstrating that blacks do have equal rights by electing a black President, you have rich, elitist blacks (and whites) constantly stirring the race pot attempting to make races hate one another to serve their liberal, socialist agenda. I wish America would wake up and tell these horrid liberal elites--it is NOT about you, it is ABOUT US and OUR NATION!