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Without even knowing about her politics, I knew it was going to be a hit piece when I saw Julianne Moore was playing Palin. Hollywood usually gets a hot girl to play somebody homely in real life. And Hollywood never gets a homley chick to play a hot girl, unless there is an intent behind it. Palin is hot. Julianne Moore... not so much. Do the math.

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Damn. I was going to see it too, until you said it's another shaky cam movie.

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How many times can they get away with hiring trash, and then acting surprised when it acts trashy?

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These people need to be ferreted out.

Why, men like this might even be willing to shoot at the enemy!

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You are right.. He's attacking her for missing the irony, while the show itself is doing the same. There is a hilarious overarching meta-irony here that will be missed by most, but it's the funniest part of the whole gag.

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I've never gotten why people think so highly of Streep. You can't watch her act, without watching her mechanically act. There is never any suspension of disbelief, just seeing an actor play a part.

If there is anything "jarring", it's seeing her performing.

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There are only two types of unions... those ran by the mob and those ran by communists.

Looks like these poor bastards are infected by both. God help them.

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Charles Barkley whining about an athlete being over hyped?


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Not only do I condone this, I approve of and encourage it.

However, there is a lot to be said about not providing the enemy with fodder for their propaganda campaigns against us.

And by enemy, I mean our own media.

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Not only do I condone it, I approve of and encourage it.