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Michelle is a 'committed Christian?' that is a crock of bullshit. unless the committed part is a 'religious' congregation that is more interested in someone's wallet and less in their faith...perhaps something like lutherans, methodists, etc...not non-denominational christians that are focused on relationships and not on the 'religious' part. she could be a Catholic...many Catholics practice Witchcraft and seem to look the other way, even passively when family members get into this sort of thing or take on Moslem spouses...this is NOT the action of a born-again Christian, though - sorry. no way, no how. not unless you're talking about the Churches in the end times in the book of Revalation that splits apart...even at that? this woman is evil to the core, as is her family, starting with her rotten husband.

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sure they long as it furthers Islam. this article only proves one thing: Ann Coulter should not write about subjects in which she has no knowledge.

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SCREW impeaching him, they need to haul the prick out of the White House by his giant ears and put him in handcuffs.

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Uh...people, they're already removing the American flag from government websites. have you guys not noticed this?

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Hi David - one idea might be to combine the SIOA-CA group (Stop Islamization of America, started by Geller/Spencer - I have California ) links are and the facebook link is
I say this because I'm noticing an unbelievable increase in race tension in southern california, jihadist activity (mainly stealth) but there have been threats against jewish children at the middle school level (death threats, etc) increased police presence, hate crimes, gang problems no longer isolated to just hispanic gangs, now between muslims and jews - it's shocking and out in the suburbs. what is worse? we have what I call politically correct dhimmi-tards who still stand by, thumb up the arse, wondering what is going on...when informed folks tell them, they insist that the info must be 'wrong' as such, I think it's a good idea to combine some of these groups for multi-cross pollination purposes (especially as Spencer is involved/w multiple groups, sites, etc) and wouldn't have to spread himself so thin -

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It doesnt matter when they grew up - I'd encourage you guys to read 'NEA- Trojan Horse' as well as 'One Party Classroom' and others, there are several excellent books available that outline beautifully exactly what has happened to our public education system, starting approx 145 years ago, who is behind it and who funded it. very interesting. to address the other matter, the one group might have been deleted but it's been replaced by another one and the link is here:!/groups/edit.php?members&gid=118847198147951

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god, he's horrible...boil on the butt of humanity.

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if he's so brave, why not use his full name? weenie.

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Gary, that was hilarious...(the potato sack comment) ____Jumahnah probably went home, ate a dozen moon pies then got busy baking her prize brownies for Ahmadinejad____