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The very same thing can be said about athiest being offended by the fact that those of us who are "religious" are religious. I know that there this is not across the board in either direction but I have had lots more athiest be "in your face" towards me when they find out I am a Christian than I've seen the other way around. I do wonder why athiest are athiest and will engage in conversation about it but it does not offend me. We also have to consider the part that "point of view" plays in how we perceive things. As I Christian I see those who attack my beliefs much more than I see Christians or other religious people attacking the lack of beliefs of an athiest. I'm sure as an athiest you see religious people being offended more than you see them being attacked for their beliefs. Kinda like when you buy a new car all of a sudden you see them everywhere, whereas before you bought the car you don't remember seeing them that often.

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Josh, It would seem to me that either his acquiring bank or processor would be the one to get the necessary info to him. I know that for companies that I've worked for in the past that were required to be PCI compliant the acquiring bank was in regular communication with us. But I'm sure that Heartland was just too busy with ensuring security with end to end encryption to notify their customers. Yeah, like that's gonna work. :)

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Josh, I think we are both on the same page and maybe even in the same paragraph. Whereas much of my post was talking about the general populace I crossed streams and had both the public and those we work with in mind for that comment. We have the greatest access to those we work with but it would be great for us to do community based offerings through Churches, community orgs, schools, etc... Any thing to get the word out to more people. The key point is to make it personal. Let them see how much of a pain ID theft can be. Show them how easy it is to get pwned just by going to a "innocent" site just as if you had gone to a "evil" site. The real kicker is making it hurt. Until it does hurt people in their pocket book or by making life miserable for them they will be slow to learn.

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It's 7:00 PM

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Sorry Dr. A :( I did that since it was a Twitter conversation. Never again! :) Have a great vacation!

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Great points Andrew, but I think you missed 2 of the biggest reasons. First, how many web based apps just won't work in browser other than IE? They require ActiveX or just don't render in IE as they should. My last company has built an app that requires IE 6 or later or it is just a login page. Second, the whole update thing. IE can be easily managed, updated and patched via your Patch Management solution. Firefox, Opera and others don't have a central console that allows that. It can be done but it requires more work from your PM team to build out the package or it requires you to push an full install every time an update is released. That may work in small shops but it sure won't work in the enterprise.

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But as I said unless you are in a small to small, medium company the CIO doesn't know the who, what, when and where of every project and he doesn't have time to spend talking to a vendor WHO IS SELLING SOMETHING WE DO NOT CURRENTLY NEED. If he wants to do that then he doesn't need program managers just techies to keep things humming.

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OUCH!!! It's kinda ironic that one of the ways that I got a larger audience when I started blogging was to comment on a disagreement that Alan and either Rothman or McKeay. Now the throw down comes to me. :) As I did with Sam I'm gonna reply on my blog because I'm sure this will take more space than a comment should use. :)

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Now, now Dr. A I must disagree. Although I'm not one to name names just because I'm mad I had done just that in the past. Here ( a perfect example of that very thing. I was quiet upset with them and their lack of even decent tech support.

This case is different though because my problem isn't with the company but with the sales person. In my dealings with her I would be hard pressed to believe that this is due to company pressure and not just because she is a high pressure sales person. I would be willing to bet that she would have done this very thing no matter who she worked for.

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OK, so maybe he wasn't pwned but you have to admit it is funny that his company was a "victim" of both his exploit (possibly) and AT&T irresponsibility.