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Ken, one thing we have learned is to apply this yardstick: The Constitution, Every Issue, Every Time, No Exceptions, No Excuses
If they don't measure up, why waste time on them? The hero worship applied to these undervetted and over hyped candidates in 2010 has certainly proved to be misplaced. Now it remains to be seen if their supporters will rise to the occasion for liberty, or esconce themselves in the soft warm fuzzy betrayal of party politics.

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There are so many. Start with and Campaign For Liberty.

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Thank you Lou. Please feel free to borrow and share. LIBERTY minded Floridians are welcome to copy and send under their own signature or to send as it with an additional note of agreement to Governor Scott.

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Thank you stranger for your unbiased and unsolicited opinion. We agree totally.

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Come to the OMNI on the 22nd. Find out what Jefferson and Madison advised about many of the things you are protesting and where we might find common ground. for tix or ten$ at the door. You might just be surprised!!

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In Liberty,
Andrew Nappi
State Director
Florida Tenth Amendment Center
727 815 5440

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Want to do something about this? Help restore the Framers federalism. Join us!

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We don't think those are requirements certainly. We think the author is attempting to appeal directly to those who would agree as in the case of Libertarians and some Tea Party activists. We think he is also trying to reach those in the grassroots who champion EVERIFY believing it to be a solution to our illegal immigration problems. Certainly there are no conditions or afilliations necessary to support the authors position.

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I cannot think of anytime oppression and tyranny was not accompanied by abuse and perversion. The TSA is like a crap magnet. It seems very successful at attracting the lowest common denominator of applicant for its nefarious doings.

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In their defense, this is all probably very new to the Sheriffs. Now that they are being made aware their non performance of duty should be held against them. These are at heart, political operatives. Many of them are looking at this as a stepping stone to another office either in the state or federal congress. Allowing these men and women to advance in their political careers would be a huge mistake. Barring a road to Damascus like conversion, their indifference towards civil liberties will not be enhanced as they move further away from the people. A great case in point is CD5 Rep. Richard Nugent, former Sheriff of Hernando County. He is a steadfast upholder of the Patriot Act and has no problem eroding civil liberties for the perception of security.