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Towers ship from the Denver, CO area... zip code 80221 should give you a close approximation.

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You can contact Joy and Jen using the "Contact" link at the top of the page or Customer Service at the bottom. I do believe white ribbons are available now, they should be on the site early next week when Joy and Jen are back from vacation. Thanks!

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Good question. As far as I know there's nothing you can do. I've tried multiple meta tags for thumbnails but they didn't work, it just used the first one.

I do agree that it would be much better to have the topic-appropriate image rather than the logo for everything. The problem with your current workaround is that anybody sharing the page they're looking at later will be stuck posting it with the logo and no option to change it.

Your best bet is probably to try to get someone with more access to just take the thumbnail meta tag out of the header altogether, it's hurting you more than helping you in this case. Ideally the content management system would have a way for you to select this on/off on a per-post basis, but I don't know what you're using for that so I can't comment there.

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Follow all the steps above to get scponly installed (note I'm sure the version has changed since I wrote that). The very last line in my instructions tells you how to manually assign the scponly shell to a user. There is no GUI for assigning a shell to a subdomain or web user, thus you will have to do it manually using that command line.

If you ever edit that user in the control panel (even a password change), there's a good chance that Plesk will change the shell on you and you'll have to re-assign the scponly shell using that command.

Please note I haven't tried this myself, so be sure to verify it's working as you intend.

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What's the question?

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These cupcakes look amazing on the cupcake tower!