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Another question to ponder...if this guy is covered by his employer for health benefits and his "family" is as well, does it mean equal coverage for all his wives and busload of kids as well? That could become a bit pricey, no? I mean, with the assumption that anyone would only have one spouse and therefore a limited number of kids, employers know that there is a reasonable limit to their liability...but with polygamy, there potentially would be no limit to the number of dependents and therefore no limit to the potential liability. Ouch!

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In the case of Israel and Jerusalem/Judea/Samaria, it is Israel itself which has developed a civil rights framework that it wants to use to justify its own actions. Of course Israel is right in its cause, but most of the international community has not recognized Israel's right to define this civil rights framework in these geographic areas. Therefore, using civil rights as an argument to justify what Israel is doing has absolutely no credibility or weight in the eyes of most of the world. This is why I think the comparison is rather meaningless (although elegant, I will grant you that).

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Caroline, I usually am a great fan but I find this column really weak in its main argument.
First of all, let me state that I believe building a mosque at Ground Zero is a complete abomination. Legal but an abomination nevertheless.
On the civil rights issue. There is a fundamental difference between the Obama Mosque and the Jerusalem/Judea/Samaria issue.
On the Mosque side, Muslims are using an existing civil rights framework which they did not develop or promote to further their cause. The saw that civil rights in the US could be used as a wedge to stick it to America and to the victims of 9/11, and they jumped at it. (please see next comment for the second half)...

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We (Jews) call people like Kagan a self-hating Jew. Very simple.

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...but imagine if France starts having success against al Queida (for instance getting Bin Laden) will make the US look like a bunch of pushovers, which pretty much is what it has become after electing a community organizer as president. Before making fun of the French, please take a look at what is in the WH.
Case closed!

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I agree with most of the article except for the part about Shirley Sherrod. How can the author state that Obama fired her after caving in to pressure from Fox News when in fact the lady was fired several hours BEFORE Fox News reported the story? No one had ever heard of Shirley Sherrod, who is fairly low on the totem pole, until Breitbart reported the whole incident. It was then picked up by Fox hours later when the damage was already done.
To the author of this article, please fact check next time!

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What is really sad is that 2 gas-station owners colluding to raise the price of gas would be criminally charged and prosecuted. But 400 "journalists" who colluded to take away the right of ordinary Americans to know fairly who they were voting for or not get a pass and are free to do it again during the next election campaigns to ensure that their oppressive agenda prevails.
How perverted.

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I wonder whether the ban would also help deal with this type of crime which took place recently in Toronto during the G20 summit.

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Let's just hope that the current WH occupant does not pardon her citing poor health or something like that. After all, both Stewart and Obama are close to the Weather Underground group. This is not far-fetched.

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Great article...but...I think the premise that Obama objects to a nuclear Iran is false. I believe that Obama is going through the motion of pretending to be opposed to Iran becoming a nuclear power but in actual fact, he is doing everything to slow down any serious measures in order to provide Iran enough time to complete its program. Think about it. What does Obama have to loose if Iran goes nuclear? Iran will not threaten the US. It will threaten Israel and we already know that Obama sees Israel as a serious impediment to his open hand to the Muslim world. It is clear that Iran will soon have the know-how to develop a bomb but will probably not be able to detonate one for another 3 years or so, which means that the problem will very well be owned by the next president. There really is no upside for Obama to confront/attack Iran. I maintain that he actually is not opposed to seeing Iran becoming nuclear.