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I investigated the matter a bit in found some more facts. I request you to visit the following link. The link contains the photographs of damaged Mosque in Tsunami. So, how can you say that every single mosque was survived?

I can't predict what will happen after reading Quran (however I have seen a few parts in Hindi translation of Koran at the website, which could not convince me). But, it is for sure I can be convinced only by logic and reason, not by fairy tales. I suggest you to do the same.

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Thanks for the links

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[youtube iEL9FRpofps youtube]

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It is really very motivating and inspiring poetry and is relevant in today's context as well.

I could not understand the meaning of the word "छीड़" in third line (हो भीड़ उधर और छीड़ इधर तो चिंता कभी नहीं करना). Is it a printing error or has some meaning?

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Good and inspiring article.