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So what was in the big box that google shipped?

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I could be wrong, but using a class 6 sd card, I almost feel that the apps run faster, not slower. This could be just perception, but comparing the Movies app on my phone to my wife's, me having the app on sd, it seemed to be just a bit snappier when installed to sd.I

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That's awesome. I can't belive Blackberry is still selling so well.
I'm curiously looking forward to seeing the q3 numbers, assuming that's the quarter the iPhone 4 launched against the Evo, Droid X, Galaxy S & Droid 2.

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Why do monkeys fling poo?

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Well, he does have a point. If you make an app that displays 5 pictures and an ad, the likelihood of more than 10 people downloading it is pretty small. So in that respect, he really can't make any money. If, however, he posts 4000 of these apps, even if only 3 people download each app before marking it as crap, that's still 12,000 people who looked at those ads. That's a lot more money.
So, assuming you're only interested in producing crap, it's really not that bad of a business model.

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Ah, I can't wait for the day that I curse down at my screen because some game I legally paid for won't let me play it, cause it can't acquire a license.

But I'm all for letting copy protected apps --> licensed apps be installed to sd.

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I imagine something else is amiss, and those developers violated some terms. I can't imagine Google suddenly deciding what they want or don't want on the Market.
I do wish there were better filtering tools... I think anyone should have the right to put crap on the market, but that doesn't mean I want to see it :).

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hmn... I can't find this on the kmart website... Anyone know if this has a capacitive screen?

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So your entire evaluation of the app is based on the amount of disk space it uses?
The next time I go to the movies, I will form my opinion of the film based on how many seats there are in the theater.

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Isn't sharing already built in? I see the LendMe option under the Details page for a book.