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Not too sure how much it cost, but I think it was pretty cheap :)

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Thats right, its called kitang :) Apparently its good fried or smoked as well :D

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Awww thank you so much for your kind words Ron, and a Merry xmas and Happy New Year to you and yours too :)

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I'd give it a year or so until all the facilities are completed. My room overlooked the construction site and kinda spoiled the "sea-view". I'm a lousy gambler so the casino is not a major draw for me. If I were to visit the celebrity chef restaurants, I can always stay somewhere cheaper and make my way to the restaurants. In answer to your question Priscilla, yes I'd go again... only if someone else is paying! Hehehe!

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Wslm bro. I found the hotel itself kind of retro but I guess that's the look they are trying to achieve i.e. macam The Sands di Las Vegas. Service wise it was pretty good.

My only gripe is the uninspiring breakfast buffet, and the fact that many of the shops at the mall next door were still not open yet. The food court called Rasapura Masters was so-so only.

I like the celebrity chef restaurants though :) All my favorites i.e. Mario Batali, Wolfgang Puck, Daniel Boulud, and Tetsuya Wakuda are there although I have yet to try them out :)

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Budak ceria :)

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Tks bro, I think this is a good example of the collaborative relationship that's possible between the government and various stakeholders. Temburong district office is exceptionally innovative in its approach at the same time using traditional media. This is the way of the future :)

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I think the glasses are cleaned after every use but to be sure, why don't you bring a wet wipe with you to clean it :)

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Comment from Facebook:

Sufinah Serudin says:

Read the article. Im glad that he/she is taking interest & aware of Autism. Juz like to add, also what about those autistic individuals who (for specific or not specific reason) do not belong to any society/ association? They are also part ...of the community. They also shouldnt be left out.

Secondly,beside Min. of Health, Min. of Education and KKBS should also play their role we know autistic individuals are capable of learning & contributing to the society if given proper attention. So dont let whatever talent they may have into waste. Im sure they too dont want to be a burden - if they are able to express it. :)

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Tks for your comment Oh lala, I think u've inadvertently uncovered one of the issues which we did not cover during the talk, i.e. anonymous comments and how they stand with regard to the law. Also, if I remember correctly, as a "host" I am only liable if I edited the content of the comment in any way? I stand to be corrected on that. Another issue which comes to mind is, what if the offending content is part of an RSS feed from a third party which is displayed on your site? Are you also liable?

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