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We are all same under the sun, it's the politicians responsibility to formulate policies to ensure fairness to all. Unfortunately, some crooks and even pirates are elected whose main aim is enriching oneself while providing lip services to cover up their wrong doings. Better education and expanding internet coverage to all corners of our country will transform public opinion of the government. Though "the change" at GE13 did not materialize as vast majority expected and with political awareness growing by the day I am very positive GE14 will take our country to next level.

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I'm loosing my capacity to tolerate this any further, is the AG sleeping on his job?

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Look at the dirt on your back. Your statement is not reflecting the public sentiments. You are for the people or against?
For a change - in the next GE be a candidate in urban constituents, throw a challenge and see for yourself where you stand. You prioritization in this matter is reflecting on your insecurity.
See you in the next GE.

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You hit strait on, what are the MACC doing? Warming their seats? Not only this but countless others BN ruling members who're so used to scratching each other backs. BN countdown started ticking and it's very appetizing. What's next? You"re going to cover your tracks?
I look forward to PR Federal Government and trace the BN wrongs in the past 55 years and charge the crooks in courts. I look forward to the day.
God bless Malaysia.

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No matter who PAS nominate as the candidate in Titiwangsa, my vote is to PAS/PR to make up the numbers to take control of Putra Jaya and make good of the promises as defined by the buku jingga and remember to implement truly free print media as practiced in Indonesia.

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It's petty, internal matter of an organization, look at the broader picture. Are we getting such news from states ruled by BN?
After all PR bashing are the norms presently in mainstream papers giving messages to the masses that opposition are disorganized or not to be trusted.
There are countless AliBabas in present / past BN administration. The rot started when our forefather / mothers vote in BN continuously to rule this country - so much so that the BN has taken it as the birthright to rule and plunder endlessly.
Solution= vote out the BN, give full autonomy to the media to report accurately without taking sides. Pick a lead from Indonesia. Vote for transparent and just Malaysia. Vote to change.

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Dear Datuk Ambiga,
You have created awareness. There are bound to be distractions in all forms and shapes created by those with ulterior motives. Keep up the good work. May god bless you and your family in your struggles for better Malaysia. Please add up meritocracy in your next Bersih series - better still if possible stand as an independent Bersih candidate.
Cheers and welcome to new vibrant democratic Malaysia.
All the best to Datuk Ambiga.

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DISSOLVE BN. This is the best ever good news 2012 can offer.

SCENE 1: The component parties can walk tall, standing as a individual party candidate - with the number of seats they won (if they ever win) in Federal and State level they can joint any grouping of their choice with conscience for the betterment of the people, country and their party.

SCENE 2: The component parties can dissolve and form new party reflecting current trends and public's demands and thereafter stand under the new banner - again with the seats won (possibilities are there) at both levels the party can choose to join the group of their choice that matches party's and country's ideals.

SCENE 3: Vote the PR in and send the current bunch to oblivion. The hell with BN.


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Muhyiddin, your're like a old record. It's your job as a politician to answer the public. If you cant accept that you better quit. Dont just talk rubbish and threaten the public and opposition lawmakers. To match your status as a federal minister - if you're truly a anak jantan I dare you to stand as a candidate in an urban area or better still take a opposition figure in his or her locality in the next GE. Are you up to the challenge? By the way can you enlighten the public where your ancestors came from?

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Muhyidin and kuncu-kuncu including Mahathir, you guys days are numbered. Get ready to face the law and be behind bars when the table are turned in the next GE. See you in hell.