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Fortunately for us the majority of the people in the USA do not think like you do and understand that without the right to keep and bear arms, and that includes the ammunition for those arms, you would not have any of the other constitutional rights.

That is why this decision was so quickly over turned by the DOD, because they had to bow down under the overwhelming outcry of the gun owners in America.

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This is a big deal to get passed even if you will never bow hunt. Passing any improvement in hunting opportunity's in NJ helps beat back the anti hunting agenda and getting any hunting on Sunday opens the door to more hunting sports getting the option to hunt Sunday during their individual seasons.

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Note: Attn AmmoLand readers we have been notified that some DPMS Panther Arms items maybe sold out...You need to get on these deals early.

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Looks like a sex toy...

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Ray: It looks like you can find it for sale at the following link.

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Maybe you can expand on what you are looking for interested folks to do?

What exactly do you want gun owners to do at their police station or sheriffs office?

If I already have my NJFID card I can not go through the application process, but what can information can I collect?

What do we do with the info once collected?

What are the things that PD's can ask for or charge for?

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This is a brand new model for 2009, so I do not think you will find any used models. Check the link below and use the dealer locater to find the dealer nearest you.

There are also some on check the search below.

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I believe we have fix this error, thanks for helping us out.

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Hey B; I think that is the point! To be fair you have to throw in cool too....?

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Give me a break, it is funny not racist. I am now officially afraid of chimps - Fredy