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I would recommend reading patch readme for details..generally for applying patchsets we do not have OS pre-requisites as these are taken care at time of base installation.


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Have you checked the installation guide. Have you installed all the required packages (pdksh-5.2.14 ?? ) Refer to installation guide and verify all packages are installed


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You can use soft links but oracle recommend's using mknod to create link. You can use following code to increment disk#

for i in 1960 20CD 20CE 20CF 21CD 21CE
j=`pcmpath query device|grep -p $i"$"|grep DEVICE|awk -F ":" '{print $3}'|awk '{print $1}`
k=`bootinfo -s $j`
a=`ls -la /dev/$j |awk '{print $5}'|awk -F "," '{print $1}'`
b=`ls -la /dev/$j |awk '{print $6}'`
b=`echo $b |awk '{x=$0+0; print x}'`
if [ b -le 1 ]
b=`ls -la /dev/$j |awk '{print $5}'|awk -F "," '{print $2}'`
if [ m -le 8 ]
m=`expr $m + 1` ;echo "mknod /dev/asm_disk0"$m "c "$a $b
m=`expr $m + 1` ;echo "mknod /dev/asm_disk"$m "c "$a $b


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Did you select \"Upgrade Grid Infrastructure\" option.

What are the contents of the error logfile. It should indicate why the installation failed. Meanwhile you can also follow steps for upgrading to 11gR2 here ..

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Thanks for your comments. Do you want to say that dbms_stats.copy_table_stats does not copy the histogram's ? I have not personally checked the same yet.


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Anyone who has read permission on files ewallet.p12 and cwallet.sso can connect to the database using connect string. So if you wish to stop a particular user, ensure that the user does not have read permission on it.


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No, it is not mandatory for database and client server to be on same machine. This setup can be done on any client machine. Secondly this is different from OS authentication as you can grant read access to other user or copy the wallet files to other user's directory and change the permissions. In case client is using DB home , it would be helpful if you use TNS_ADMIN variable for the user to have separate sqlnet.ora file/tnsnames.ora file.

Do let me know if I have missed any point or you need further clarification.

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Thanks Gokul..Yeah this is pretty useful feature and can be used in shell scripts, rman catalog connection and exp/imp for connecting to databases.


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I did not understand your question. Screenshot for configuring ASM 11gR2 can be found on

Are you looking for some thing else???

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Hi Doug,

oops.. I had not checked and was under impression that this option has come up as part of 11gR2. I think this will mean that I will have to check with New features guide to ensure that it is indeed a new feature :) Thanks for information. I will update the article with same