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My spell would find/summon inanimate objects that I can't normally 'call' to me or make it come there, like I can with my cats.... well sometimes. OK Cats are a bad example.

It would only work if the item is out of sight, (so as to keep one from being extremely lazy). In other words my spell would find lost things! While possibly not a big deal to others it would probably save me millions of minutes, over a lifetime, from continually searching for (seemingly) everything... only to find that I put it in some uncommon place like the medicine cabinet (keys), freezer (the pasta salad that magically disappeared) or that drawer I never use (cell phone...) *sigh* to only be a wizard would be grand!

oh and I'd use the words:
venido aquí (spanish for 'come here')
note: only because Scorpion's 'get over here!' doesn't translate well

maybe I'll get one specifically for my cats that puts there where I want them too (either here or there... ) ok, seriously does anyone have one of these now?

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I'm going to go with the entire flicker of the firefly series (and then later Serenity)
most notably Joss' commentary spoken with the premiere of Serenity, it was so matter of fact and here it is and just embodied how Joss approaches his creative writing

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(couldn't fit it all in one)
Also, the fact that creationism is the only alternative to naturalism that is agreed upon by the general scientific community, makes it a valid teaching topic! Obviously, not all scientists agree on which one is true, but they do agree it must be one or the other.

Taking Ann's example... it was once agreed on by a greater majority that the earth was flat (and the center of the universe!) ... indeed teaching that an alternative to 'fact' and saying the earth was round was even considered un-scientific. If we've digressed to a point of legally decreeing that all students must subscribe to one school of scientific thought and theory, perhaps we should also teach the world is flat again?

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cont from reply to Mary:
In the same way other sci ideas bring together a series of fact, there are established sci facts that are consistent with creationism. There are many facts that are shared by creatinism vs. naturalism debate and the way in which creationism relates those facts, just lends to a non-evo (as a whole theory) point of view. There is no such thing as a fact that requires a single interpretation of it's relation to other facts.

Creationism is easily dismissed by the secular sci community and accused of lacking scientific value of a theory at all. However, creationism is transparently compatible with the scientific approach Mary (and apparently Brian) defines for an scientific topic. Creationism makes statements about real people, places, things and events and is NOT supported solely with subjective ideas.

Since the foundations for naturalism and creationism relating the facts together are both supported on some pillars of assumptions, why shouldn't creationism be considered at least as scientific as the other? There is no scientific logic in throwing out one theory's presuppositions over another. Likewise there is nothing scientific in teaching there is no theoretical alternative to a theory.

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'Intelligent design' was indeed used to get around laws. . I think that specifically came to circumvent those in the scientific community that overreacted to a theory of a religious community. This stopped them from looking critically at science and evolution, so as to not give any ground to the 'religious nuts'.

Before we whether creationism should be taught in schools, we should probably discuss that Microevo(lution) and Macroevo should definitely be taught as seperate ideas. It should be taught there are broad differences and alternatives to the latter. It's ignorant to recognize 'Evolution' as a single scientific theory. Even so, it continues to be taught as 'evolution' and used as an argument against creationism teaching. Did you know that most scientific creationists agree on the support of the theory of microevolution?

The part of the theory that creationists heavily disagree is Macro-Evolution. It, like creationism, is based on scientific principles that at best require blind faith of certain assumptions before a single experiment or test is performed. (I wouldn't argue that due this it's not a theory, but it seems that maybe Mary is saying exactly that?)

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Thanks for sharing this. I have a friend who went to her first NA meeting the other day. It's good to be able to point out someone relatively normal that's made it through... maybe to the other side or maybe at least sending back word that there is light somewhere in the tunnel.

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Hmmm.. Why would someone deny the holocaust was a political hate group (in government control) destroying the lives of millions across Europe and Russia...
if you can't figure it out then do some research yourself and quit being lazy.

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I'd apologize for '3' comments but I don't care

I encourage you to read or watch the rest of the speech (and Remembrance day) here:
Then, I encourage you to encourage anyone else you know to do so and to visit the Museum and to never cross something like this off your list of 'things to remember'.

Steve, I won't 'shut up' either.

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2) I sincerely challenge other people to 'keep harping on it'. I recently visited the USHMM in DC and this sort of thing is EXACTLY they ask of the thousands of people that visit everyday... to NOT keep quiet about it EVER

Besides the foundation for the USHMM, the Presdient himself commented about the notion to just keep quiet (and people like you who endorse it) about such undesirable subjects, on Holocaust Remembrance Day...
'In the face of horrors that defy comprehension, the impulse to silence is understandable.' Obama
''To this day, there are those who insist the Holocaust never happened, who perpetrate every form of intolerance -- racism and anti- Semitism, homophobia, xenophobia, sexism and more -- hatred that degrades its victim and diminishes us all.
Today and every day, we have an opportunity as well as an obligation to confront these scourges...'

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Thanks for your reply to Steve and to this issue in general...
'no one can make us into bystanders without our consent'

To 'Steve' and anyone else that thinks that Brian is the culprit for even bringing this up.

Thanks for your flippant, and frankly ignorant, statement.

I don't know what kind of person you are, but I hope that you don't honestly believe people should just 'shut up' when they see something being done that they believe is (and is) inherently wrong...

'no one would even know about these groups if you didn't keep harping on it'
1) yes, people would know because it's being demonstrated on a public site and across various other 'forums' around the world
people would know about it because they're out spreading their propoganda as you're sitting at your computer being a comment troll