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I get to go to Disney World all the time, and I'm majorly jealous of where you got to stay! I actually worked at the Yacht Club many moons ago, but I've never had the chance to stay there. You're a lucky duck!

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Crazy awesome.

Random fun fact: My mom died my hair red when I was 7-ish for Halloween because I was Annie. My hair turned pink for a week. Pink hair RULES!

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Ohhhhhhh prettyyyyyyy...
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You're amazing. Truly. To have done what you've done and continue to do, there is no way you can justify being a "failure."

I'm standing up and clapping for all you've done and will continue doing.

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You are amazing.

And congrats!

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I'm sure it CAN be done, but you need to get some Ritz crackers and a BUNCH of them.

Also, don't listen to me and my cooking skills, cause I have none.

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Even if we didn't get to see one another for more than a split second and a half, YOU are still MY people.

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Holy nuts woman. I hope you feel better very soon.

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He's getting cuter every day. Seriously.