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That's been my method of practice still... dunno if it's how it needs to be or not.

My iPhone doesn't seem to be affected if I charge it for a little while... or if it's drained and then recharged. My D40 battery lasts forever too!!

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Woah, Brother Andrew is an amazing man! Ever read "God's Smuggler"?

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If you were to ask Smith Wigglesworth, he said something to the effect "if you have to ask more than once, it's not faith." I think he would view the continued prayers for comfort for the family, etc., as lack of faith.

The way I view it, God is so much bigger than our prayers. I do not believe that He is limited to the way we pray. However, it is possible that the person that is simply praying for comfort, is praying that way either because they've always heard that type of prayer for that type of need or they're a bit afraid that if the child doesn't get healed then at least they'll have "something" to take away from the situation.

All that said, I don't think it's "bad" to pray for comfort for the family... however, I do think that it can be an escape for our lack of faith.

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Are they that hard to plant?

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I just read your post... so you have at least 2 readers. :)

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Can I comment more than once?? :)

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Is that IKEA?

I think you're easily amused Dave. ;)

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Wow. I thought I was the first to be working on something like this... ;)

Interesting way how they build the links.

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Looks cool.

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Abstract Fonts - is a great resource too!