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Hi Craig,

I suspect the Mashable article was somewhat tongue-in-cheek. However, iPads and iPhones are clearly facing growing competition from Android phones that do more "out of the box" and don't need apps. With data costs still relatively high in many countries, options like Dropbox (which I personally use and find fantastic) may not be optimal. I also find expandable memory cards to be more useful than built-in memory.

I'm not Apple's biggest fan, but I readily admit that they've done some amazing things in the smart-phone and tablet area, and have significantly raised the bar.


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I agree. Seemed to me to tack to the Right rather than the "progressive centre". The Tea Party and Republicans are never going to Obama any favours.

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Good point about using tablets to show off videos, I hadn\'t thought of that.

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Hi Miglo - thanks for the comment. I do recommend Twitter, both as a compliment to blogging, and as a way to stay up to date with the latest news and current events.

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The AWU (and other unions) have a "TV" section on their website with videos:

One of the best ones I've ever come across is from the UK, and I featured it on the Creative Unions website:

The Communications Workers Union has an amazing online video site.

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I agree. Which is not to say that everything should be designed in Comic Sans Italics or Haettenschweiler, but that designers should think about readability and information retention as well.

Thanks for the comment.

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Hi Iceland,

Thanks for leaving a comment. This is the first time an island has commented on my blog!


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Happy to share. There is a lot we could all be doing at unions to improve our online efforts, as these websites show.


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LOL. And that, friends, is real satire.

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Do you think that a half empty/full dam is a wise investment when we've got limited resources? (Or are you being ironical?)