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Agreed about the incentives. The assumption has been that teachers would, in substantial numbers, create content if the conditions were right. While to some extent this is happening in higher education in developed countries, it is not happening at school level. And the joyous anarchy that reigns in the creation of on-line content for general audiences is not a working model for education. So how can we create the proper incentives in developing countries?

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Thanks for this wise and balanced view. In the discussion, which I just joined, I see a back and forth movement between proposals that imply empowering children directly (e.g. like the XO) and those directed at empowering teachers. If one thing fifty years of "educational technology" has taught us, it is that trying to bypass the teachers doesn't work and doesn't make sense in the long run for educational quality.

So, assuming advanced technologies will in the immediate future be on the margins in the poorest countries--reaching those currently unreached and providing pockets of excellence--how do we get the best value for money? What kinds of programmatic and technological innovations will provide teachers with the tools and motivation to improve the quality of education?

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Could we get back to the question (impact, OER, current content creation models)? I am part of a project working to enhance the use of ICTs to empower teachers in Africa. We know that access to Internet, and to technologies in general are problematic. We know that language issues loom very very large. But after those problems are solved for some teachers and some schools, what happens to build capacity and desire of teachers to create and/or use new materials? Who has concrete experience and examples?