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Glad to see your comment, too, Karlin. It is time that people recognize that people need not be at "Glenn's Beck and Call." He is the quintessential Pied Piper. His forte is demogoguery under the label of "The Fusion of on Entertainment and Enlightenment." He may be entertaining at times, but he damned sure is not enlightening! He has the character of the con artist, the demogogue, and the stereotyped used car salesman all rolled into one package. I am glad that you finally saw through him. His show is a pox on the landscape of the Republic. His goal today was to Tea-O-Con people so that the tea party movement can be purified of those who originated it and it can be completely co-opted by the GOP neoconservatives, who have made a concerted effort to take control of the Tea Party people so that they can remake the GOP image in preparation for running someone like Sarah Palin in 2012 with Tea Party support.

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Your article expresses my argument exactly regarding Beck's hypocrisy. But, an admitted alcoholic often has no difficulty with inconsistency or hypocrisy, nor does he have any qualms regarding to whom he sells his soul for personal aggrandizement or gain.

I have tweeted this twice. Thanks for the post, Michael.