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also that squirtle reminds me of battletoads for some reason

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too much win for one video

also, WTB dancing sentry

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honestly when i saw this, wouldn't it have just been cooler if there was a Psychonauts movie?

now that would be awesome

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I guess they call her Joy for a reason, she really loves her job. I almost expect a bloody apron and crooked smile on her face.

Besides, where is the "we" part anyways? Last time i checked, there is only one carbon copy Joy per center... unless she shares the stories with all her sisters: "oh yea, that pikachu that i patched up this morning, you know the one with a short tail and missing some teeth, yea we'll be seeing that one a lot, tehehe."

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being a sniper is so easy, you don't even have to aim

though, i have to say, where is the pile of bodies below the spray? i guess its not quite successful as the "FYI i'm a spy" or "<< this guy is totally not a spy" spray lol

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you'd think that Sonic would roll better the fatter he gets

and i'd like to see what happens in the Emerald stages, there are enough rings in there for him to fill up the whole half-pipe

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i see Dr wily finally fired his design team for megaman 10...



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Spy is Blue Screening mah sentry!

This also looks like a BFF moment too

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epic win, sentry sense tingling... but you know what makes this more epic

look at the lunch lady Pyro in the background,
must be a regular day in the office for him lol

and the demo man is already helping him cope with a little liquor ROFL

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its old, but legendary, quite a few pics of those phoenix wright cosplayers

and if you want it to be more epic, listen to this at the same time