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Good point. Government invests based on political calculus versus economic calculus and sound economic reasoning.

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exactly right. I wrote a reply to this reporting in which the news should have asked the real questions of opportunity cost.

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Interesting response from Freedom Alliance.

I really don't have a dog in this fight at all other than wanting corruptioin and misuse of funds examined for all of those who have contributed to this charity (of which I have never participated). I believe spotlight is the best disinfectant and would like to have the Freedom Alliance explain why so little of what is raised does not go to those the charity says it directly benefits. While any charity will have administrative costs, etc.... this seems beyone egregious.

Hopefully, Freedom Alliance and Sean's company will illuminate a full audit of the amount spent in addition to the amount of money RAISED. I understand how charities can be highjacked sometimes (see Wyclef Jean's reputations with this Haiti Relief group) having volunteered for an organization in college and it's best to follow the money as they say. This is an interesting story I think deserves attention based on the facts and not using smear tactics. We all know who is good at doing that.

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I have a lot of empathy for what you are saying a feel the exact same way. I'm apart of a 912 group (lots of Tea Party folks) and have taken a similar approach since some of these folks will never listen to reason (of Jeffersonian non-intervention), while we are able to win over those who take an objective approach to foreign policy.

Ron Paul made excellent points about the "cost" that we must consider even if you are a saber-rattle-war-hawk fella. That math doesn't add up. So, if we're going to be talking about fiscal responsibility, we need to be honest across the board. I feel the letters of marque are a better way to fight unconventional warfare since we are bleeding money with our military empire.

Good stuff. God Bless.

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Excellent article matt! It resonates with what I wrote earlier this year about war powers enumerated under the Constitution (

We can't pick and choose when to follow the Constitution. We must live and breathe it no matter what if we want to be taken seriously as lovers of liberty. Our founders knew why the power to declare war or issue letters of marque was NOT something to be given out lightly or put in the hands of the Executive branch.

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One time rebate style checks (under both Obama and Bush) will never create jobs and anyone that only talks about tax cuts alone does not understand the economy. These 2 things do help: 1) tax cut at the MARGINS (payroll, capital gains, income taxes, corporate, etc) and 2) a cut on spending and government constraints on capital formation.

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Great post MIchael.

I watch and listen to Glenn Beck quite often. There are times when I really like what he is saying since he's one of the only mainstream pundits who has that "it" factor to sense things that don't seem or smell right. But, then he has these weird reactions to things that I just don't get. If someone asked me about the 9-11 thing, I'd probably give a similar answer that Medina did. Al-Qaeda Muslims flew planes into the buildings and the pentagon and killed 3K people and billions in capital/property, but there is some weird stuff that doesn't add up with what appears to be odd cover up. According to Beck, I must be a raving lunatic because I don't have all of the facts nor do I really care. For whatever reason, there are a few round pegs that don't go into square holes. Beck is flat wrong on this and he's entitled to his opinion, but going around just saying "she's a truther" is complete ridiculous.

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You are absolutely right about debt. What I want to know is exactly what "sacred cows" she or anyone else is going to cut. We have a half a trillion dollar payment on the debt this year. This interest payment on the national debt is larger than the entire budget back in the 1990s. That's disgusting. We need people to be honest and cut HUGE chuncks out of government. I'm not talking little bits here and there. I'm talking entire departments, farm subsidies, etc.

I've written more about this in my blog:

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Good points. I'm not going to vote for anyone unless they tell me exactly HOW they are going to cut gov't by more than 20-30%. I'm talking about taking and cutting entire Federal departments, farm subsidies, regulations, federal grants, the welfare/warfare state, etc. Social Security and Medicare are going to eating the deficit alive here very shortly since there never was any "trust fund". It's been busted and draining the Treasury for sometime and we need to be honest of figuring out how to reform it. We need to have leaders to tell entire voting blocks "NO". It's very hard to get elected when you have to do this. Unless Sarah Palin (or anyone else) takes on these sacred cows, she's not going to get my support or my vote for that matter.

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Sadly, while I believe in cutting taxes at the margins so as to encourage capital formation, no President or Congress should be creating jobs. Their jobs are laid out in Article I (Congress) and Article II (President). Tax cuts themselves do not create jobs although they do lead to usually more tax receipts to the Treasury (as seen by the Laffer Curve) and a growing economy (usually). Regardless of tax policy, government needs to shrink by all levels (and yes this means the Military). We are in too many countries playing super nanny. We're going to go bankrupt here if we don't reduce the deficits here in the next 5 years. As much as I like Reagan, we need to be realistic with the problems we face as we're likely to be England circa WWI.