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I appreciate you taking the time to provide us with feedback and your point is taken. However, we are physically located in Bermuda and costs here are more expensive. In exchange for that many Bermudians businesses understand they get a point of contact on the island and this matters to them. Also, we offer a lot of additional value to our customers beyond what these overseas companies you describe are offering:

1. We provide the service of setting up the website and provide consulting on domain names and all of the other issues relevant to the process. While you may know how to and have the time to do this, many business owners do not.
2. We customize the Wordpress site so that it works as a business website and we optimize it for search engines. Most WP templates come made for personal blogs, we convert these to be used for businesses.
3. The way we setup the Wordpress site makes it easier to use for people.
4. We provide support for the site and perform updates on it.
5. When you put your site on, you agree to terms and conditions that basically cede control of the content. That does not suit very many businesses.

This service is not for IT people, maybe like yourself, that have the time and knowledge to do the whole thing themselves, it is for people that want a website for their business without any up-front capital costs.

Other companies here that claim to be web designers offer the same thing but they pretend that they built Wordpress and the templates and then sell that to people for thousands of dollars. Our approach is different, we are honest and up-front about what we are using and how we are doing it and we are passing on the savings made possible by these technologies to our customers.

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One of the real points of difference for this blog as compared to many other similar ones, is the graphics and infographics, so this is particularly well received coming from you, Patrick.

Thanks again for sharing this great information.

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Thanks for your input...

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Yes, we definitely can. If you want to discuss your specific case, Chat to us using the link on the right "Chat with Bermuda Internet Marketing". It goes directly to our Blackberry mobile devices so you will always get us.


Matt @ BIM