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Correct. It is collapsing the advertising elements but not preventing them from being downloaded.

On a Windows system, you would have to use a proxy solution or a modified hosts file to prevents ads from ever being downloaded. If you go the HOSTS route, I suggest http://someonewhocares.org/hosts/hosts

The combination of the modified hosts file AND Fanboy's collapsed element hider is what makes the ads go away and keeps the websites looking well formatted.

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I'm interested.

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The alternative location for PST files would need to be defined in the 'autopst.bat' script file. On the "cmdscan %ScanPST... *.pst" line (line 15 in the sample autopst.bat), add the path before the *.pst and *.ost.

For example, instead of:
cmdscan %ScanPST-location% *.pst *.ost
you would write out the path and filename to each .pst/.ost file you want scanned:
cmdscan %ScanPST-location% "C:Path to PSTOutlookFile-Name.pst" "C:Another Pathfile.ost"


// Anish