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Oh god, I HATE that. I don't have PMS, I'm not hormonal, I'm not hysterical, I'm just an angry bitch who has no problem letting people know what I think. I wonder if you're ex-reader realizes how big a misogynistic ass he sounds like.

Guys do have hormonal fits (referred to as 'testosterone poisoning') it's just they do more 'macho', physical, stupid things rather than complain. And guys also do get slapped with that whole 'thinking with their penis' thing.

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I live for costuming, so my kids are doomed year round thanks to the convention circuit.

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I don't bring things that either need to be ironed or can't be washed in the bathroom sink unless I'm going to a wedding or other formal event. If I can wash an item out in the hotel room, it means I can wear it again.

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Should also add that not every job follows the same pay scale. The DOD pays differently from Commerce and so on and so forth.

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Mr is a federal employee (commerce). He does have a great salary and fantastic benefits. Not all government jobs are cushy, though, and he works extremely hard to make the quota required for hist job. He will also max out at a GS-13 (and a step increase) next year and that's it, unless Congress votes themselves another raise. (We're certainly not struggling to survive, but we're not 'millionaires' either.) His job is totally thankless and people crap on him for working for the feds. Oh, and his job is mind-numbingly boring and he deals with argumentative lawyers all day. Still sound awesome?

There's a reason his department loses a ton of workers to the private sector. Most of them get their training from the government, work a few years to learn the ins and outs of the system and then run off to finish their law degree and work for themselves.

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I can't stand lying parents. Kids are not dumb at all and even if they can't fully grasp the situation, they pick up on parental emotions very well. If you're worried, they're worried and if they need to be reassured and told at least the basics of what's going on.

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Eh, it's better than nothing, but I'm definitely not pleased with the outcome.

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5th grade was puberty ed time for us. I had already hit puberty, so it was kind of useless to me. Although, I was surprised at how mature the class was during it.

I hit financial puberty very early. My parents taught me about finances from the very beginning (I don't even remember a time when I didn't have an account at the local credit union). I was in charge of my savings and how much to put in from my allowance and holiday windfalls (within reason), got my first joint credit cart at 16 and paid it off every month, and got my first credit card on my own at 18. Sometimes I wasn't the brightest with money (I got X amount of money a week, and if I spent it on comic books, then I didn't have enough money to buy lunch) but in the end I grew up to be pretty darn fiscally intelligent.

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Saving is always easier for me if I just don't tempt myself. While I'm good at refusing to buy stuff I really don't need, I find just NOT browsing is better for my sanity.