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congrats! sounds like a bunch of heresay, posturing and lack of substantial evidence that isn't...once again, heresay...

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No, really? You are serious about this? It can't be. If it is true and valid, that's like the best Saturday Night Live skit of all time...but, for REAL!

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I think Facebook, as one of the leading social networking sites, should set a precedent with this issue. There are other places for hate to manifest. Special sites one could go to, to communicate with others of the same hateful mind. It isn't about's about breaking the cycle. Alas, this is one thing that religion must do as order for us to evolve as a SPECIES!

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with the other portion of the money, I would invest it in my friends to start businesses of their own...or give them the $$$ for their operating costs/research and on and so forth...after they showed me a proper business plan. Lastly, I would set aside another portion of it, that I couldn't touch for 10 years, that would pay my bills for 10 more years. The goal would be to tie up the money so I couldn't spend it...knowing myself! At the end of this 20 year period...if nothing had matriculated...I'd just continue being an the simple life. BUT, that's just me!

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I''ve thought long and hard about this. Not about all these people who screwed up royally, but what would I do, if put into the same situation. If for instance, I sold a million books and then had money to play with. What I would do or what maybe they should have done is??? set aside enough money [a certain %] to pay your bills for 10 years hypothetically at a comfortable rate. STOP Keeping up with the jones and living way beyond my means... that just seems stupid to me! I watched my parents do it [living way beyond my means] and I'm not going to follow in their footprints! Materialism at is finest, doesn't really matter. He who dies with the most toys, still dies!

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Once again, that was a great read. Alas, my favorite part was what the doctor had to say. Yes, the Hitler lineage should be caste aside, but it isn't the only lineage that I believed should be expired. However, it does remain on the top of my list. I guess, these three boys, should just offer themselves to science if nothing else matriculates. It seems like the best possible good, that they could do for humanity besides not F*ing up the gene pool. I'm glad these boys took on a positive outlook, after so many years of trying to make $$$ off of their relation to Adolf. I'm glad that they understood, that being related to this man was a negative and not a positive. I just wish more people would do what is best for the whole of humanity and not do what is good for their own selfish nature.....

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great post, next time I'm at blockbuster...I'm renting Schlinder's list! It just never sounded interesting to me. That's probably because I knew nothing about it. Thanks...

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I love the FACT, that I came into a Lindsay Lohan blog and actually learned something!
and Marcus' last sentence sounded like Stan Lee in a spiderman comic "With Greater Power comes greater responsibility!" She is definitely going to have to work on something, that recreates her image and hanging out with the same woman....that she wrecked her Mercedes into a car with, would be a great start. I'm not one to judge others and their mistakes, but way to go Lindsay on messing up a career that millions of girls would kill for...

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BC, that rebuttal [to tom] was PRICELESS.____To walk the line between the two. Yes, there are situations where "not speaking english" is a GOOD reason and a BAD reason to arrest someone. Alas, out of the quotes listed, it is the only one that is non- sequitor [which one does not logically follow or belong]! It exposes a thought process of prejudice contained inherently in the officers core. As a "victim" of abuse by police officers, I understand the ability of the officers in question, to use their knowledge of the laws, to assist in their own hidden agenda...their own upbringing. The question should not be Brian Cuban's prejudice towards the officer, but rather the officer's prejudice towards the standard motto, "TO PROTECT AND SERVE!" In most situations, officers should never show prejudice or racism! I guess, someone could find a reason why this is valid and true...hey Tom, can you find a loophole, there?

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there is evidence in one case [this prision guy], there isn't in another [your brother] my OPINION! Speculation, Assumption, YES! Not exactly evidence. It was childish... I understood the guys point too, but yea, he seems like a Troll! EIther way, when he lost his citizenship for being found, in FACT, guilty of working as a guard...he should have received a deportation to Germany. Eventhough, he got off once...he was still proven guilty. It should be his way of making amends for his actions!!!