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It's a Communist plot intended to DESTROY our Western civilisation: they're using the Mohammedan virii as their allies in that mutual quest!!! They both hate each other, just as Hitler and Stáljin mutually hated each other; however, they're happy to work together for the time being.

Of course they'll fight it out once our Judæo-Christian morality, values and civilisation are prostrate on the ground: the muzturds want "pure Islam", the Commies "perfect Marxism"; however, they both HATE God (the true God Yahweh), Christ (the Only-Begotten Son of Yahweh the True God), Moses and EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY GOOD!!!!

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Your EVIL Islam forbids art, music, science, even medicine!!! You despise people like Newton, Mozart, J.S. Bach, Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci - all thanks to a psychopathic genocide, murderer, rapist, thief, pædophile (child-abuser), liar, necrophiliac, bestialist and sadist named Mohammed, whom you worship and adulate as "THE ideal man"!!!! You love EVIL and hate good - no wonder Islam inspires the direst loathing and repugnance among all those of us PROUD and HAPPY "infidels" who know to use God's GIFTS (instead of killing them like your Mohammed and his sidekick "allah" insist upon doing!!!!) - and who're waking up to just how SATANIC Islam really is!!!!!

DEATH TO ISLAM and all totalitarianism, now, forever and unto ages of all ages, world without end, Amen!!!!!

And, to rub things in yet more against all Mohammedans: "Allahu skatta, Yahweh akbar, Allahu SHAYTAN, Mohammed rasul Shaytan!!!" ["allah" is the lowliest, Yahweh is great, "allah is Satan and Mohammed is the prophet of Satan!!!"]

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In fact, MANY of these "leftist intellectuals" are secret COMMUNISTS who're all too glad to ally themselves with the Moslem cut-throats as they have the same mutual goal of destroying our Western civilisation and everything it and we Westerners stand for. Don't get me wrong, they hate each other; however, they'll fight it out only when we've been exterminated or at least prostrated upon the ground and unable to do a thing to save ourselves!!!

When the civil war against Moslems erupts (as sooner or later it will UNLESS we stop ALL Moslem immigration into the West IMMEDIATELY, RIGHT NOW!!!!), we must remember all those Commies and crypto-Commies who have pushed us into this fix. When we win, those TRAITORS and SEDITIONISTS will need to be tried the same way the Nazis were tried in Nürnberg, with them all however facing the death penalty!!!

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So, Ahmed, you're threatening "kafir4life"'s own life, eh?!?? Well then, know that there are PLENTY of us PROUD "INFIDELS" who hate Islam and everything it stands for, and sooner or later we'll run you OUT OF THE WEST!!!! You already have 57 Islamic countries: make something out of them and stop coming to the West to force OUR nations to be like yours!!!! GET OUT of the West and NEVER COME BACK!!!!

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Even ONE Moslem "in partibus infidelium" is one Moslem TOO MANY!!!! And 3% is more than enough for them to make all sorts of mischief (colonies where we Westerners are as unwelcome as if we were in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, &c.; terroristic activities; pressure upon us to submit to them...)!!!

They're ALWAYS out to wage war against us by all possible means and tricks!! Not one of them can EVER be trusted - ALL Moslems MUST be evicted from the ENTIRE West, and AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!! They're very much like a cancer!!! [Native-born Moslem converts should be dumped into Iran if Shi'a, Saudi Arabia otherwise. Furthermore, any Moslem who has any form of Western citizenship must be promptly disenfranchised!!!]

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NOTHING could be more of a complete LIE!!!

By rights, NO Moslems should be allowed in the West for ANY reason whatsoever - unless they publicly renounce Islâm and blaspheme it so as to guarantee their being killed if EVER they fall into Moslem hands, in addition to practising a profession that's 'haram' {forbidden} in Islâm. With that SOLE exception, every last Moslem man, woman and child should be arrested, disenfranchised (of ANY Western citizenship) and deported for life to "dar al-Islâm" (the Islâmic world). [Likewise, ALL Westerners should flee the Moslem world as fast as possible... Only TOTAL segregation between Islâm and the West can allow the two to live in SOME measure of peace...]

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WRONG!!!! It was NOT 1453 that led to 1492: that trend was being already prepared by two countries that had to pay the most for their spices (as valuable as gold in those days), Spain and Portugal (especially the latter)! These nations were desperate to find an all-water route to India and points east, so they wouldn't have to deal any more with the network of Arab, Turkish and Italian middlemen that made those things so dear. The Portuguese had been exploring any and all routes that seemed to offer hope of this goal in addition to the profit linked thereto (and other things too!); once the Spaniards had eliminated the last Moslem state in Spain (with the conquest of Granada in 1491), they were more than happy to join therein!!

The Spaniards instead found the outlying islands of America and later Central America itself, while the Portuguese finally reached Calicut (in India) in 1498 under the leadership of Vasco da Gama.

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The words Muslims use to describe Jews ("apes", "pigs") sound such as
to make it seems as if they wouldn't be truly able to accept
conversions - I'm also thinking of "Jameela"'s spamming...

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It's best BY FAR to NEVER enter a mosque under positively ANY circumstances!!! Better yet, NEVER travel to any Muslim country and shun those Muslims who've already infested your country as traitors who shouldn't be in the West anyway!!!! That these Dutchie-"royals" entered the mosque - and who to boot and much worse are leftist in sympathy even to the point of participating in and encouraging the persecution of Mr. Geert Wilders - proves who they really are in terms of "dhimmi"-tude!!!!

Only those people who renounce Islâm and who can PROVE they're Westernised (by demonstrating musical, artistic and/or scientific ability) should be allowed to stay in the West (and even then, they should be subjected to a good long period of monitoring and surveillance - I suggest 12 years!!); everybody else MUST BE DEPORTED back to where they or their ancestors came from!!! Islâm has positively NO PLACE in the West, PERIOD!!!!

Shun ALL Muslim businesses, avoid selling anything to those throat-slitters that can in the slightest aid them into settling in your area, forbid them to spread their literature and advertisement - and in short ensure that they realise they are unwelcome where you are!!!

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I only wish that "judge" could be forced to live in a Muslim country for a minimum of TEN WHOLE CALENDAR YEARS - perhaps afterwards he would know better!!!! [If not, let the exile be permanent (for the rest of his life!!!) - the best thing we can do to Muslims and Commies is to deport them ALL, ideally without papers, and plonk them down in places where they would really have a hard time communicating with their new neighbours...]