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When an agency gets hired by the client, they are hired as a partner with the client, not a third party, outsourced entity. A good agency will get to know their clients, learn their language, their audience, their ambitions, their personality and reflect all of that in the work that gets produced. Whether it's a PR release, a blog post, a magazine ad or a tweet; there's nothing malicious about helping your client build their brand up. Now if someone tweeted as the president of Company A and wasn't the president, then I've got some issues but otherwise an agency is representing their client in everything they do for them.

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Looks like you opened up a can of worms here. I'm almost afraid to write something, make a mistake and get picked apart by the grammar-nazis. Should nazis be capitalized? Should I have not put a hyphen between "grammar" and "nazis"? Should I have not put quotes around those last two words?

Occasional mistakes are fine, but if you're overusing "..." or littering your writing with internet slang acronyms, then it becomes annoying and people will slowly stop reading your posts. But I don't think you have that problem, LOL : ) IMHO. L8ER.

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Twitter is not about building up your sales, it's about building up your brands personality. #twitterdummy

Do your followers want to know where you're eating? Maybe, maybe not. Self-edit please. #twitterdummy

When it comes to followers, it's quality over quantity. #twitterdummy

Don't be intimidated by Twitter. It's just people talking. #twitterdummy