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Thanks for the link. The project is small enough that I have no serious need for CI yet. I signed up anyway for the beta. I\'m going to experiment with automated testing.

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I was wondering about the defaults. Thanks for explaining about Debian.

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It's not a bash issue. On modern UNIX operating systems, the shebang is parsed by the kernel.

For example, the Linux shebang implementation is located in linux/fs/binfmt_script.c:

* This section does the #! interpretation.
* Sorta complicated, but hopefully it will work. -TYT
if (*cp == '')
   return -ENOEXEC; /* No interpreter name found */


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Thanks, I didn't know about dos2unix.

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It's the kernel. Bash doesn't run executable files - the kernel does that.

There's a good explanation on Wikipedia detailing how shebangs work.

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Thank you. :)

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I just had a discussion with friends about the internet issue today. With some sort of inter-planet CDN you could reduce the latency for most regular internet activity. There's no way of fixing live VOIP and (video)chatting, but you might even be able to get Google and dynamic websites to work. You'd need some sort of intelligent caching system that knew what you were likely to search for so that it could cache results ahead of time...

Of course there's no infrastructure in place (yet) that can offer the high-speed connection between Mars and Earth that you need for this to work. But the problem is solvable.

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Looking at the bigger picture, I'm not convinced that it makes a difference. Many popular websites already have users' real names (for example, the New York Times) so advertising networks can link cookies to real names anyway, depending on what agreement they have with the website.

It's a shame that the WSJ article focused on Facebook instead of discussing what different firms do or don't do.

Edit: Regarding your quote from the article, I'm slightly skeptical that they really threw out the extra information. RapLeaf also claimed that they didn't pass any of the information onwards, yet 12 other companies still had access to it.

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I'll get back to you all soon with details. Thanks everyone. :)

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We'd love to see integration with GNOME Shell.

Siegfried Gevatter added Zeitgeist support to GNOME Shell as a Google Summer of Code project. His patches are still awaiting review, so in the meantime we decided to develop a new user interface which doesn't depend on the shell. I'd love to see the two UIs merge together at some point.