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They are the selfsame disconnected, arrogant progressives who want the Peoples' Republic of Portland to pay for employee sex-change surgery.
Perhaps they could combine the two and then we'd have Gender Reassignment Bike Paths.

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I think a more apt selection would be SE 17th.

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Only in The Peoples' Republic of Portland would one see this money-wasting idiocy. How about "Anchor Baby Blvd." instead?

Do you think that Mexico City will rename Toluca Tequesquinihuac to Alameda Sam Adams someday?

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"Results of an autopsy, released Monday morning, tell the tale of physical and nutritional child abuse..."

Well after the available budget got squandered on methamphetamine, there was no money left to buy food to feed the child.
And when they crashed off their methamphetamine high, the tweaked-out parents vented their psychotic frustrations on the child.

Perhaps I'm oversimplifying, but I don't think I'm too damn far off the mark.
I can't think of a Hell that would be too unimaginably horrific for these two subhuman vermin.

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I call bullsheet of the purest ray serene. I am diagnosed ADHD. I was a Ritalin kid. BLAME! BLAME! IRONY! IRONY! It's not the poor kid's fault! *sob*

Spare me the rhetoric. Sorry mom, it doesn't wash.
But put this loser away first - for a long time.

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Take a look at that guy's expression. Someone should smack that arrogant look off his face with a baseball bat.
Check for an ICE hold while they're at it.

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It seems like YOU are the only one pulling the race card here. The term "ILLEGAL ALIEN" is not racist. With one or two meager exceptions, I did not read country of origin in these comments.

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Absolutely - the last thing this loser would see is the barrel of my shotgun.

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Why is this MY problem? I don't dabble in this kind of thing.

"His plan calls for spending $50 million over three years through the use of existing funds. He calls it a “modest sum” of money."

'Modest' my lily white patootie. Let Wyden pay for it himself, if he's so concerned. NOT ONE PENNY should come out of the general fund.

This is ludicrous. U6 unemployment is 17.5% and Wyden is whining about prostitute safety.

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I'm sure this comment will be censored, but you know what - someone should just shoot this inhuman monster in the head and be done with it.

And to finish the thought: YES, I would do it.