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Looks like another tribute to Trayvon.

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Let's face it the muslim world is like Jurassic Park. No matter how many goats you feed to them; the dinosaurs are still gonna eat you.

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The Argies mainly speak Spanish...wasn't Spain one of those colonialists states way back in the day? Send Cristina back to Spain.

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What's the big deal?..Mitt gave the lady HIS money...that's what Obama wants to do too...give the folks HIS (Mitt's that is) money.

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Obama new Civilian Protection Force that he talked about will defend us .. in the streets of your local city.

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All I can say is .. Who the flip cares!

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Hell when I was in the Army back in the early 70's we had to go stand in a room filled with tear gas for a minute at least once a year.

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Why shud we apologize for giving Japan the ability that made them the economic powerhouse of the Far East? Shud we also apologize to Germany for giving them the opportunity to become the economic lifeblood of Europe? Japan and Germany are the last two countries that we have fought with in a real war and defeated them unequivocally and unconditionally. Perhaps if we had done so in Korea (North), Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan those countries would now be bastions of real democratic and economic power and reform.

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I think she needs to start worrying about her next election after these asinine comments of her.