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Good to see that this primitive divorce ritual which deprives women of their rights was overturned; just another example of how poorly islam treats women! I hope that Saida Tarikonda gets a good chunk of her ex-husbands property, the legal way! This is also a good example of how "creeping Sharia" spreads itself through a healthy society: Sharia starts with "personal" law such as divorce, then criminal law and before you know it, the dhimmis have allowed a parallel islamic legal system to develop. Useful idiots, indeed!

Chris! Interesting conversation on coal to gas liquification! Glad to see IntenseDebacle is living up to its name! ;-)

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Definitely do NOT install IntenseDebate on your blog! I did and ID erased comments from a previous post, will not allow comments on new posts and IntenseDebate support has been no help whatsoever. I cannot uninstall IntenseDebate. Save yourself the headache: avoid IntenseDebate!

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I would avoid IntenseDebate. I installed it on my blog and have had nothing but problems and have found their support department to be anything but supportive. Currently, no one can leave comments on my blog and I have lost comments from previous posts. All I want to do is "disconnect" IntenseDebate from my blog, but I can't get Michael Koenig or any of his friends to help me with that. Bottom line? Faulty software. Faulty business model.

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Sexual apartheid in islam is not "to accommodate the needs of religious Muslim women", it is to accommodate the demands of muslim men. Women in islam are in no position to make any demands. Muslim women are chattel whose only purpose in islam is to produce offspring which Sharia Law states that they have no claim over in the event of divorce. Sexual apartheid is no better than racial apartheid.

Koran 4:34: "Men have authority over women because Allah has made the one superior to the other,..."

Islam represents a giant step backwards for equality between men and women. Islam is misogynistic.

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Why can't I uninstall IntenseDebate from my Google Blog??? No one can comment on my blog! Your technical support is not at all helpful. I would advise bloggers to avoid IntenseDebate until the issues with this software are resolved!

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Whether this is religious law or civil law or both, it is disgusting. As TSOT points out, islam treats women as a lower form of animal, something to be owned, a thing used for the pleasure of a man. We have muslims here in Toronto and I always see the woman walking three steps behind her "husband", her owner...all that's missing is a leash.
Why on earth don't women's rights groups in the West speak out about this?!? Are they afraid? Are they brainwashed by multiculturalism into thinking that this is a "cultural" matter?

There are certain universal Human Rights that apply to everyone; islam should not be allowed to hide behind the skirts of cultural relativism.

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Islam is a form of Arab cultural imperialism. Haven't you wondered why Muslims must study Arabic in order to "really understand" the Koran? Islam began in the Arabian Peninsula and spread by conquest and to a lesser extent through Arab traders (including slave traders in East Africa). Islam hides behind the cloak of religion in order to beguile the naive. But it is at heart a totalitarian political ideology - no different from fascism or communism. It may have some of the trappings of a religion, but it is much more than that! We in the West ignore this at our peril!

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Glad to hear that the federal judge ruled that this is not a case of "racial" discrimination! Islam is a political ideology disguised as a religion, not a race. However Walid, being a good little muslim, played the race card in order to be seen as The Victim. I'm glad he lost.

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Two observations:

1.) Zuabi is playing The Victim, as muslims always do.

2.) She is being partly honest when she states that certain Arab states are afraid of a "free" Palestinian state. What countries like Egypt really fear is a Palestinian state under the control of an Iranian-backed Hamas. The Arabs are as afraid of Persian hegemony in the Middle East as they are of Israeli military defences. Indeed, they are likely more afraid of a nuclear armed Iran than of a nuclear armed Israel because the Arab governments understand that Israel is a predictable actor on the political scene; Iran is unpredictable and as much a threat to Arab states as it is to Israel.

My advice to Zuabi? Be careful what you wish for...

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One thing I can never quite understand is the silence of women's rights groups in the West when it comes to the misogyny in islam. You would think that there would be a chorus of condemnation from advocates of women's rights, yet there is just a blanket of silence. It seems to be women who have recently immigrated to the West from muslim countries who confront islam head on and who alert us about the abuses under islam and Sharia in particular - question is, are we listening to these voices of experience?