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Everything about this administration -- and the entire clan of power-crazed leftist ruling-class thugs who have clamped onto their seats in the highest halls of power -- screams "illegitimate" and "fraud" and "malice" and "subversion."

We see all too clearly why the Democrats start up with the over-the-top rhetoric and race-baiting whenever someone so much as mentions the more-than-reasonable concept of voter ID.

This, as another post mentioned previously, is but the tip of the iceberg.

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Christie is an Obama bootlicker extraordinaire. He's grotesque.

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Christie might as well be Obama's shoeshine boy.

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Christie is a bloated bag of crap. There's really nothing more that needs to be said. To see him fawning and drooling over Dear Leader as Dear Leader swung by to use the storm as a backdrop for his pre-election-day photo-op ... well, that was a nauseous sight.

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If by "done a great job" you mean fellating his Dear Leader Obama during Obama's photo-op -- where Dear Leader made no apologies about using the storm and fatboy Christie as political props and a political backdrop -- right before a crucial presidential election ... then, yes, this fat bag of crap is really knocking it out of the park.

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I truly don't think it matters much vis-a-vis "electability" in the general election. I think Obama has lost too many so-called "independents" -- and permanently so.

I think a lot of the GOP "base" realize this, and see this upcoming election as an opportunity to get a real leader in there instead of the nauseating "reach across the aisle" beltway bums we have been afflicted with on the GOP side -- many were hoping for a replay of "Carter out / Reagan in," and that's why they're having such a hard time getting behind any of these lackluster Republican candidates. Many of us cannot believe such an opportunity is being squandered with a field of politics-as-usual elitist RINOs, with the alternative choice being Ron Paul who for many is not an easily acquired taste.

But in the end, I think whoever the GOP nominee is will be the next president.

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Ain't this precious?

And our own mainstream media is only maybe three or four degrees away from these types of obscene charades and ostentation.

See the laudations they poured on Teddy "liberal lion" Kennedy, the "hero" of Chappaquiddick; see the teary and mawkish sentimentality given to the administration of power-abusing sleazebag Bill Clinton.

Don't even get me started on the utter delinquency in reporting vis-a-vis the current administration, going back to before the 2008 election.

See the "selective memory" and "selective perception" shown by our own fine so-called "journalists" and "news" media.

True, it's not in the same ballpark as this obscene spectacle in North Korea -- nor am I comparing Kennedy or Clinton or any other "inside the beltway" ruling-class moron to such a radical thuggish militant dictator -- but the ballparks are within viewing distance. You might need binoculars, but the chasm between isn't infinite.

Worse still, there are people in the USA -- some of them in politics, some of them in the media -- who (secretly or otherwise) view such nations as "viable role models." Don't doubt it. Power-lust and derangement know no national boundaries.

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I used the word "fiefdom" too, posted my comment, and only afterward did I read yours above mine. The description is that obvious, isn't it? Weak, puffed-up bureaucratic bullies.

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All hyperbole aside, apparently Ultra-Corrupt Absolutist Dictator tactics are alive and well and being vigorously exercised within the scumbag leftist bureaucracy that "serves" Richmond.

Rulers of their pathetic little fiefdom over there in Richmond, they are. Cretinous punks.

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Rico is being ironic and facetious -- it's a deliberate and rather accurate illustration of the absurdity of the liberal and politically correct mindset.

You folks who voted him down need to unclench your brain tissue and let the blood start flowing there again. Sheesh.