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Hi Dianne, I have some great recipes - What are you looking for No Carb, Low Carb, snack, meals ? What are you goals?

Here is something really simple but so refreshing for the summer.

You need : 1 packet on non - flavored Gelatin
2 tubes of Protein Shots Fruit punch flavor (you can get this at Walmart in the diet area and its a liquid in a test tupe looking container)

Get 2 coffee mugs
Dissolve with boiling water the packet of gelatin (fill the mug with the water)
Divide equally in the mugs and then put a full tube of protein shot in each mug.
Put in refridge until solid -

Depending on your diet you could put whip cream on top(no carbs but high in fat)

This is refreshing, a good way to eat the protein and great for your hair and nails :)

Thanks Carolyn

593 weeks ago @ Vince DelMonte's ... - The World's Hardest Hi... · 2 replies · +1 points

Hi Vince,

I would like to say this may be the hardest diet for 2 weeks but is not the hardest diet. When I started my super low carb lifestyle, I did the TUNA CRASH DIET! The Tuna Diet is eating only Tuna (1 gram of protein per lb of fat.) a day with only water and black coffee for a week. That my friend is the hardest diet I have ever done! I lost 12 lbs. and helped my body cleanse of carbs. I have created many great super low and no carb recipes if anyone would like some ideas.