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Thanks for the post. As a gender-variant, non-parenting adult, I love to hear that posts about parents giving their kids more options and comment threads with gender-neutral pronouns. And I would echo hsofia's sentiment about following the child's cues & just how important that is. Allowing your tomboy to express a love for trucks and your fey son to like pink is important, but your uber-girly daughter will tell you when she wants tutus. A child can both have hir/her/his particular gender identity validated AND be taught to respect and love the gender expressions of others (i.e. recognizing in 25 years "Boys can like dolls, too."). And sometimes gender non-conforming looks, to the innocent passer-by, a lot like gender conforming (http://www.femme-cast.com/).
One of my favorites: http://labelsareforjars.wordpress.com/

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Such beautiful words! I'm the video curator for genderfork & thought you might like some solidarity:
Rock on!
As someone who was once convinced by a bride (my sister) to dehair for her wedding (legs, pits, chin & all- it was heart-breaking), I can assure you I'll never be swayed like that again.

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This could not have been more cute or amazing. Thanks for the awesomeness!

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Yup, I've long enjoyed this movie. Watched one day I was home sick, but I think the streamed version with captions I found had text in French only. It was good practice :)

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Tee hee. <3 the "about Quinn"

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:) Agreed.

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I love the pace of your words. So much personality comes through.

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At an ultimate frisbee tournament recently a married couple tried something similar to the soccer game: husband & wife showed up with enough friends to make 2 teams, then picked players out of a hat. The spouse with the worse-ranked team at the end of the weekend had to switch his/her name to that of his/her partner.