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That is quite a reasonable comment to make and if your city (or even country) has a thriving metal scene then more power to you. Nonetheless, I was speaking in terms of the first comment posted in this thread, that if the list had been of ten bands deserving more attention then no metal bands would have made the list - in other words, that understanding the music world in a global (or at least Western) context as encompassing the wider music industry, including bands, record companies, management, journalists and fans, and spanning at the very least the English-speaking world, metal has entirely lost its momentum and ability to produce fresh, exciting sounds in a way which contributes to that dialogue.

I live in London at the moment (take from that what you will); metal is something of a joke here, and it seems that is the case in most of the country. There is an active metal scene, but it has all the character of a troupe of professional mourners going to the pub to celebrate that which has long since died.

Edit: in the spirit of full disclosure, I should add that this is a view that I have held in some form or another for far less logical reasons for years. I am, shall we say, a recovering musician and spent some time as a teenager fighting the insidious and tide of metal which takes hold of young musical minds amongst my bandmates; this I did partly because I could see the writing on the wall as to the nature of the "scene" (neckbearded, redfaced cider-swillers are not my cup of groupie), and partly because of the fact that I was a punk, found metalheads boring and had to spend an inordinate amount of time waiting for them to get the fuck off the stage and let me kick out the jams.

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You are not mistaken.

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I tend to think of metal as being a shadow of the mainstream, because it suffers from all the same faults that pop music does: it's almost all bland, repetitive, unoriginal or derivative, posessed of utterly insipid lyrics and based almost entirely on a hierarchy of tropes which, to an outsider, are entirely facile. I appreciate that you enjoy the genre and there are some good metal bands out there, but the reason people joke about KEEPING THE SCENE ALIIIVE! is that metal, as a dynamic force in the music world, basically ended within the last decade. This is not the fault of metal itself, it's the fault of the shitty culture we have today where the money men are the creative force in the music world. Nonetheless, it is a fact that today's metal scene is a pretty empty shell.
Incidentally, I saw Trivium a few years back - one of the dullest, most amateurish acts I've seen this side of a Belgian fairground. If that's indicative of the resurgence in thrash then it's not exactly surprising they're not getting attention.

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I'm sure all these bands have plenty of 13-year-old male fans already, why would they need more attention?

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Jack Johnson is a tosser. Nice enough list, however.

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Some missing comments again....

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Stanley Kubrick was from New York. He didn't move to the UK until the 60s.

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Boo hoo. If you don't like criticism, do your research. That's the way the world works.


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Incidentally for #9 - today is the 77th anniversary of Prohibition being repealed in the USA. Hic!