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I wonder how he would do on the Solar System, when the Moon rises wolves howl and Obama screams,
" Allah Snak Bar" to borrow a phrase and asks for shrimp from Norway another Gulf Port.............William

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A stones throw away, well I guess we will get hit in the head with this stone and probably many
stones but our leadership of today having none will obfuscate the facts of the Nisman's report
and probably call for a committee to look into it. Iran is intent on world wide war and upheaval
in order to promote the end of the world and Islamist dominance. Maybe Iran would like to
attach this accusatory finding to it's progress in proving they are not out to make nuclear
weapons, they claim they are not and are out for peaceful purposes. America the great Satan
they call for the death of, South America is the underbelly where they build thier offensive
capabilities for assault, murder and mayhem. As they are shown by Nisman to be building
agressively in South America, it seems not to far a stretch that they will export nuclear
weapons to thier military structures down South but of course it will be for peaceful reasons.
Even the stupidist of Democrats must see the connection and turn from thier own evil ways
if not just for self preservation, or not, they seem to have a death wish.................William

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I may take a liberty here and suggest that my summation of all that Oprah and Obama
have to say can be compressed into two letters............B.S...................William

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Could we be heading for a Military Coup, is it possible the deepening of our National problems
and loss of security has become so dire that collapse is inevitable and National Defense is
no longer assured within a hostile World due to Politicians despised by military men?
If things devolve quickley will strong leaders say enough to the clowns in Washington
and end the fiasco to the great surprise and relief of the citizenry? Perilous times ahead
and the clouds gather as failure grows to overwhelming proportions. The devil seems
to have us in his grasp......................................William

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This evil woman has no place in a moral government and that says much about where we
are toaday and what can happen in the next few years if such a liar can be elected, it will be
a downhill charge to ruin. America must do better than this soulless, bitter, self glorifying
failure who has not contributed one thing to the justifiability of American exceptionalism.

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Your right about Hillary and clear in your conclusions. I wonder about one thing, as the
Nation slides into insolvency under Democrats and most Americans scared about
the future and not trusting the government, how can a continuum of inability and
failure, pushing at economic deaths door be voted in unless the American voter
is equally inept, brainwashed and suicidal?......................................William

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Good advice and yes the Democrats cut off funding of South Vietnam in the Congress and
let what was left of the North move in with the South out of almost everything but courage.
If I remember correctly the North had no troops left over ten years old and under sixety,
we killed them all and the Tet Offensive was a disaster for the North but the grand liar
of media Walter Cronkite lied his face off for a propaganda plus for the communists.
Leftists ruined what should have been a sure outcome and freedom at least for the
South. I hate to get started on this, it makes me ill thinking about it...............William

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"what to do with Muslims who are US citizens, or US citizens
who become Muslims." This question could parallel this,
"what to do with Mafia members who are US citizens or
US citizens that become Mafia members." As a criminal cult
that calls for felonious activities, let the laws on the books
be enforced and let Congress visit the issue as well as
State Legislatures. This must be done before we find
ourselves in and internal war, one that is on the way and
there is no stopping it......And ounce of prevention is always
worth more than a pound of cure, what is done quickly will
be saving America more than it has to loose...........William

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Todays Democratic Party, join? May God have mercy on his soul................William

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Ephesians 5:11 Have nothing to do with the works of darkness but
reprove them...............Hard to say what can be done within a Nation
that sits on it's hands. Religious freedom was for true Religions,
Islam is a political power using cult vagaries to control and enslave
which is not a freedom, it cancels itself out from our guarantees.
We do not guarantee a freedom to what we outlaw, honor killings,
pedophelia, rape, mutilation and torture and so forth........Islam is
not in our history except for when the Barbary pirates were dealt
with. I am not able to see Islam as a credible presence outside
of it being the incarnation of evil and destructive of mankind and
not connected to God Almighty but under the powers of evil
that will be destroyed in end times and here we may be in the
end hours...................Deportation by extradition is simple for me,
Eisenhower deported over ten million people to free up jobs for
veterans, it can be done to free up Americans from incoming
violence and subversion..............................William