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"Vaginal intercourse and fellatio were the most frequently depicted sexual acts. The use of sex toys, paraphilias, cuddling, and condom use were rare, as were depictions of coercion.

Control of the pace and direction of sexual activity was typically shared by the male and female actors. Moreover, there were no gender differences in initiation of sexual activity, use of persuasion, portrayals of sexual experience, or in professional status. However, female actors in MILF videos were portrayed as more agentic and were more likely to initiate sexual activity, control the pace of sexual activity, and have a higher professional status."

Crikey, is my home life marketable?

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Do they still like opium? I heard that the mark-up on that stuff is very handsome indeed. And while we are still helping the Afghans, we might like to establish a few decent suppliers...

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The 1998 blip is puzzling. How would a change in the way smoking rates are calculated affect only men? I prefer to think it was caused by anxiety over something Harriet Harman said...

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It's obviously a very complex debate, with a lot of reasons both for and against a ban.

So let's just ban it for the heck of it.

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I work in Further Education, and I'm afraid this seems relatively innocuous and everyday stuff. Under (I think) the 2010 Act, colleges have some sort of duty to publish figures on protected characteristics, and plans as to how to address any issues, and stats to measure whether the plans are working. In addition, Ofsted inspectors are very keen on this type of thing. Most teaching staff (i.e. the ones who actually care about young people as individuals) treat it with contempt, adding it to the huge pile of admin that never ceases growing.
Far more time-consuming is anything to do with the latest fetish, which is "safeguarding". Those charged with this sacred duty are inviolable. Claims of "bullying" or "harassment" can turn a whole department upside down, with staff being interviewed over punch-ups between students, or investigations into whether a member of staff complimenting a student on her clothing actually did it with evil intent.

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Superb post. All the better for not indulging in the fantasy that Miliband's political acumen has averted World War III. The happy outcome was the unintended consequence of our constitution meshing with Cameron's foolishness.

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It is worth noting that the BC have no scruples about departing from the white heterosexual norm when it comes to those personifications of evil, the Daleks. The original 1964 "Supreme Dalek" was, of course, black.
In the same year, Peter Griffiths scandalously exploited this fact with his disgusting election slogan: "If you want a Dalek for a neighbour, vote Labour".

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"The hero is the one who comes to know."

Sometimes he's the one who knows to come.

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In addition to Skimmer's excellent point, there is also the fact that this is essentially about someone being the victim of sexual assault. To get really worked up, we need a perpetrator. If we knew that a household name from Old Labour was a dirty old man, or worse, then doubtless we would queue up to throw stones at his effigy. We would all have suspected that he was like that, given his policies and manner....

Conversely, if we had heard recently that a woman, now in her fifties, had in her youth been passed around a group of dodgy 1970s entertainers, we would have shrugged ruefully and then moved on.

It takes skill and training to be a sympathetic counsellor, but anyone can join a gleeful lynch-mob.

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"Several policemen have died"

Apparently the exams for Roedean and Benenden have a few policewomen being killed as well.