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I said that exact same thing when I saw the trailer while at the movies with my dad. After the trailer played, I leaned over and said "Okay, but what's it about?" He just laughed while shrugging and shaking his head.

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"What!? Someone is saying something nice about one of our products? Block that shit!"

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Wow. Yeah, after looking at that trailer, it really does look like it was originally a zombie movie before someone remembered that people are getting sick of zombies and then quickly rewrote the premise without changing the actual story.

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I think I disagree on your thoughts on the main premise of the movie. You say it's about parenting styles, but I got more of an indoctrination vibe from it. It's a story that talks about we tend to teach our kids to think and act based on what suits us best, and tend to get upset when they explore beyond that scope. Deon never really seemed all that emotionally attached to Chappie, and just wanted to test his ability to learn (hence encouraging him to explore his artistic side). Ninja definitely didn't care about Chappie, to the point of teaching him wrong on purpose in order to get him to help out on raids (frankly I was sorta terrified by the scene where he's taking-out guards and yelling at them to "go to sleep"). Meanwhile the only person who seemed to care about Chappie as a person was Yolandi, who's nurturing instincts kicked into high gear when he was left in her care.

I can certainly agree that the movie had its missteps: Vincent felt like a villain to a movie that didn't need one for the sake of having a(n admittedly fun to watch) action sequence at the end. The ending with Yolandi felt a little Deus Ex Machina, and kinda kills the drama of her having been killed (never EVER revive a character who's death is supposed to have dramatic effect). Over-all the whole "consciousness" thing felt a little out there for an otherwise grounded movie; especially the way it was introduced. Chappie is (basically) just a program, but suddenly Deon is talking about how it'd be impossible (or too hard?) to put him into a new body because there'd be no way to transfer his "consciousness". It's like, "What? Just put the hard drive in a new robot." It's as though it was a last minute addition to the story.

Over-all though, I can look past the flaws. I loved the story for the parts where it was about what it was supposed to be enough that I liked the movie as a whole. It could have been better, but it could have been a whole lot worse.

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Was anyone NOT asking for this? I love stories about AI and pushing the boundaries between humanity and robotics.

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Honestly, Devin's review reads like he went into it wanting to tear the movie apart. Absolutely everything that he can point-out about the movie, he makes sure to completely thrash on as-if Blomkamp killed his dog or something, and this is how he's getting his revenge. Personally, I liked the movie over-all. The movie had its missteps, but I think it had an interesting message over-all.

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Kind of a "meh" video, but the follow-up "Left 4 Friends" idea was sort of an interesting idea if you're really wanting something different to do with L4D.

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I case my rest. Or... something.

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I would kinda hope it's a girl. Game-based design or not, that's kind of a feminine tatt for a guy to be sporting. :/

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They should have left the "shine" out of the hair. The yellow bits in Peach's hair and the red bit in Daisy's hair look more like sores than a part of the tattoo.