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I gotta throw in with mrm_in_wnc. The character of George Jefferson was a bootstrap Capitalist who, through hard work and enterprise, made a dry cleaning empire in New York City. He "moved up" on his own merit. Little bho has nothing like that.

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I agree, but I would say that what the dems need is to be shocked back into reality. They have - IMHO - already lost their minds!

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So, you just made a sweeping generaal insult to anyone from the South. You seem to be "out" yourself, there, laddybuck.

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Icebergs happen when glaciers advance due to growth. Global Warming is a hoax.

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Albert insists on saying that the polar caps are melting when the true story is ignored. I see that posting links here is not allowed so…if you put “Sea Ice JAXA” into a search engine you should find a line graph of arctic sea ice from satellite data for the last 8 years. Look at the minimum around mid-September and you will see that the annual minimum has risen from 2007 when it was about 4,100,000 square kilometers to 5,200,000 square kilometers now.
That is a net gain of about TWENTY FIVE PERCENT in just two years. A million square km is about a “Texas and a half” - to give you a sense of it. Sea ice is INCREASING at a very rapid rate.
Albert not withstanding.

DON’T believe me! DO your own research! The internet has made us all Sherlock Holmes’ smarter brother. Who was that? (hint – not Sigerson)