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It's a gaffe when you say something intending it to win hearts and minds but instead I hear about it and decide you're persona no grata. :D

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I know its a bit late to be responding to this.

That works for alcoholics, applying it to politics and society is the most mentally lazy and irresponsible stance you could take. The first thing you should be changing is your ability to change more than before.

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I would agree with you about his responsibility to stop it ever going to air, but the producers did deliberately ask if anything like this would come up and the mother said no. Kyle had no reason to believe that the young girl's sexuality would be the ultimate focus of the interview. It's only in hindsight that we can say he should have preemptively canned it.

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You may have missed the part where I admitted to working for Race River at the time and wanted to get around contractual complications by drawing responses like those above that confirmed the hack being done on InterGard.

I was in contact with Race River within minutes of Asher's article being published. Their reaction was, I'll face it, shit-house and less than forthcoming. I left race River over their handling of the incident.

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We'll never have quantum communication unless we build the technological infrastructure required for that level of advancement.

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Thanks guys, I appreciate the advice. Greatly. It means a lot to me that you guys were willing to come in with sound advice and that my website isn't populated by trolls.

I think the first thing I need to do to take your advice is to take down this post. In 20 minutes this post will be gone to protect the reputation of those involved. They're not bad guys, I was just in an extraordinarily bad mood last night.

Thank you all.

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Well, it is a problem, purely because I have no contract and I have 6 weeks of backpay for my assistant that I may need to cover.

Hopefully I'm reading their actions wrong. It's not like I haven't brought up the issue of the assistant in a phone call before.

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Thanks heaps for the reply mate, much appreciated.

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*sigh* you're probably right.

Though is it too much to ask that they recognise a problem they created? This is not complicated stuff here.

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And even if I didn't agree, I would welcome comments of this caliber on my blog with open arms.