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"...however the equally shaky evidence does not hinder them mowing down unarmed civilians including women and children, who are not American citizens..."

completely agree with you on this one !..well said.

"American citizens are the only civilized lot on the face of earth.....all others are blood-thirsty animals, coming after our freedom !!."
Sometimes, this is what I think is taught to children in American schools

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is he the foreign minister of Israel. How does he know what Israel is planning? unless the French are included in the plan. Secondly, isn't this a war threat against a United Nations member...which is against the law.

If the foreign minister of Egypt had announced that Israel should draw back from Palestine or Iran would soon attack it.....I wonder what the world reaction would be ??!

Something like these:

"OMG!! Iran threatens to attack Israel !!"
"Iran declares war on Israel"
"Iran wishes to wipe Israel off the map !!"

Not a blip on the MSM about this threat !!!

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I'm wondering if you've read any articles on Antiwar.com

"..but I also do not trust Iran."
-No need to. No country trusts it rival. And neither does Iran trust the US or Israel or 'the West'.

"They have demonstrated through their actions, and it is proven through authenticated leaked documents and reliable intelligence, that their intention is to create nuclear weapons..."
-whoa !! what actions ?? what intelligence ?!! Bush attacked Iraq based on false intelligence, I wonder why he didn't attack Iran based on valid intelligence provided by you (and discarded by the US intelligence service)....are u a secret agent ?? Where/what is this 'DOCUMENTED' intelligence that you speak of ?

"They haven't threatened the USA, they haven't threatened China, they haven't threatened Russia, but they HAVE threatened Israel, openly and repeatedly."
-3 correct and 1 false. not bad. u're improving. remind me again when did "Iran" claim to destroy Israel with nuclear weapons. (leave out the 'controversial' ahmedinejad statement for the sake of this discussion)

"If you were on the playground at school and a bully told you and everyone that he was going to kill you, and began showing evidence of creating a weapon, then you would have every right to protect yourself in any way and incapacitate them."
-so what I understand is that you're saying Iran should 'incapacitate' Israel and USA as they are threatening to blow up Iran's nuclear installations, imposing economic sanctions, planning oil sanctions etc.(all acts of war).....are you sure you're Israel's blind supporter (you're making the case for Iran to attack Israel :-))

"If something isn't done within the next twelve to sixteen weeks then Israel is in terrible danger."
-why is that so ?? we have been hearing "this" statement for the past few years. nothing has yet happened.

Are you sure you don't want the title of 'hawkish'. since that is exactly what u r.
being hawkish towards Iran doesn't mean to distrust it. Rather u r hawkish when u unreasonably demand war against a country which has committed no fault. i believe that is what the author of the article implied.

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sometimes when i hear the statement 'the people deserve the government they get', i wonder if it's true in America's case. what we have as elected representatives of the people are a reflection of the kind of people in america. on the face of it, they are very polished, politically-correct etc. .... but when we look inside, we see the devil lurking. this has been proved in the case of the politicians of america...i hope it doesn't prove as such in the case of it's citizens.

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the pentagon correspondent believes the new nuclear facility is " just north of Qum in northern IRAQ" (0:43)

I never knew the Iraqis were helping the Iranians develop nuclear power.....or is it that the MSM still hasn't found how to differentiate between iraQ and iraN :-))

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a query ....is under 20% enrichment permitted by NPT ?? is Iran entitled to it ? I was under the impression that 5 % is the max limit a nation can go under NPT.

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isn't that for the MSM to decide ??

it's simple. this is what i've learned over the years.
if he supports the 'great, freedom loving' america, then he is a moderate and an important player for the development of iraq and democracy in the middle east.
however, if he even has a little bit of nationalism and opposes western rule, then he is an hardcore 'islamist' (always remember to add that term for extra effect ;-)) extremist . he is harmful for the world democracy and is an enemy of the united states.

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Whoa ! If I remember properly, when the cartoons were printed all western nations defended it , calling it freedom of speech. I don't see those nations standing up for the reporters today.

You got me wrong. "Freedom of Speech" should never and can never be justified to insult others, whatever religion, caste, creed, race etc. they may be. Unfortunately, this is not the case in most lands. Everyone defends FoS according to their whims.

In this case, the printing of the the report was "by all accounts a false, libelous, and unsubstantiated news report emanating from the occupied Palestinian territories".
So where does the question of misusing FoS come into picture. How can you condemn an non-existing insult. Israel is the one misusing FoS here by forcing Sweden to apologize for not condemning. FoS is not only about what I 'can' say. It is also about what I 'don't' want to say.

Hope you got my point.

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i don't see this report being followed in the mainstream media....it would be highly unpatriotic

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comparing the two incidents don't help..
the cartoon fiasco was a 'fact'---people drew them and newspapers printed them - to insult Islam
the current news reports are 'allegedly' not 'facts' - as claimed by israel- so there's no question of condemning it...how many false reports is a government going to condemn.
however, if the report is true - I wouldn't be surprised if it were - then he israeli government deserves condemnation.

one cannot insist on issuing a condemnation for every report.
hope you get the point