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When do we get it in Australia?

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Has it really been year already? It doesn't seem that long ago I heard Jim talking to Chuck on his podcast about this little venture. It takes a lot to become necessary daily reading but you've done it for me.

Thanks Jim and all of your people.

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Working fine, mine says...

Version 5.0 (6533.16)

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Each issue requires its own app?

That translates to one word: failure!

No soup for you Adobe, next!

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Well said @scottlaw - it seems ignorant people have one thing in common, they put an apostrophe in every time they see the letter S at the end of a word.

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On this occasion I believe you may be correct.

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I'll say it for Steve: "I told you so!"

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They have known for quite a while that Flash and Apple mobile devices will never meet.

It took me three minutes to find HTML5 code to display movies. It also falls back to Flash if the device does not support HTML5.

Let's go people, it's the future and it's not that hard.

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I don't know who "pioneered the development" but Apple made it work, got it into the market in a form that people bought and continue to buy.

I invented the iPhone years ago in my youth playing in my imagination, do I have a claim on it too?

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We finally have a complete Internet and phone device. Gimme that front facing camera and multi-tasking and folders now!