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Just think how wonderful the earth would be if there were no people exhaling CO2!

We could have an in-the-dust eco-gasm just thinking about it!

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The trees? Where are all the trees?

Trust me, if trees could not be planted and could not grow on a planet, humans wouldn't be there making movies talking about how there are no more trees.

We would have a seriously FUBAR situation on our hands.

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Rev. Miles, God bless you. You represent the older, virtuous, and morally sound wing of Hollywood. It is good to see it is still there. Most of your current contemporaries create films and videos outside of Hollywood and far from the Oscars. If you haven't noticed, we have two entertainment industries in the world today. Both can be vulgar and both can be successful. And both can appear proper and restrained. But one is focused on telling the truth and being honest with ourselves. The other is about selling a socialistic fantasy, a narrative, a utopia of nonsensical euphemisms.

The latter Hollywood is winning, but my hope is that one day, the former might have a reemergence. When it does, I hope your virtuous wing has a solid home there. I'm sure it will as it can represent truth when done right.

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The GOP Nomination race is over. According to Dick in April of 2011, it will be a close fight between Gingrich and Huckabee, with Michele Bachmann a close third and possible contender. Romney got out after losing New Hampshire. Santorum wasn't even mentioned.

Check it out-- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=538OzmgQN7g

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I agree. I laughed at the "Obama will lose!" title. All I could think is that all of Dick's prognostications about the future have been wrong. I don't have time to do the research, but anyone could go back and look at his foretelling. I bet it is almost always wrong.

Of course, in this case, I really hope he is right. His insights seems spot on, but maybe he is just cursed-- worse than a weatherman.

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Agreed. It makes absolutely zero sense. We might as well not even have a party system.

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Actually, the fact that a brokered convention produced a winner in 1920 is quite reassuring in our time. The country had just endured the most progressive 8 years of its life through the presidency of Woodrow Wilson. A "Return to Normalcy" was the rallying cry they used to get back to American principles. The republicans could have run just about anyone that year and won over the democrats. Just like today, the internal fighting was whether to nominate a progressive or a conservative ticket. The conservatives won.

The country had no more of an appetite for losing more liberties. My guess is that 2012 will show the same dynamic. As long as we stick together and support any of the remaining candidates, Obama will not have a second term-- brokered convention or not.

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The reason that the book was lauded by both sides of the political spectrum is because there is plenty of interesting insights about the Obama and Clinton campaigns as well as McCain's.

The FACT that HBO simply decided to not show all of the stuff in the book concerning the democrats' campaigns, tells us all we need to know about HBO and where their priorities lie.

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We have only had a "stable" currency since about 1935. So the idea that our currency COULD fail in the near future is a very real possibility. Until a few years ago, I had never seen housing prices drop significantly. In my lifetime, housing had either increased or been flat. None of us remember currency failures in the US, but they have happened numerous times. Prior to the Fed, the failures were relatively small and isolated. Definitely a hardship, but the future was still bright for most people.

However, today the fed continues to double down and continues to build our house of cards higher and higher, so if our currency does fail, it will be spectacular. Other states should look at this as well.

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Exactly! Once the precedent is set, then the floodgates will open. After a few years, the Oscars will begin to resemble this:

I can't wait!