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no asshole like a two-faced asshole

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Jason, is that true? Thousands? From drone strikes? I don't think that's at all well known.

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Wow, JR~! Very impressive, highly appeciated research! Great post.

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IF these wallscalings are truly caused by the noxious film, how come they begin on Sept 10 when the film's been around for months? Who has been asked about why they acted in these days around 911? Isn't it a flash mob? Aren't the demonstrators mostly unemployed youths? Somebody has told them that they have been insulted and their mothers with them. They are not the phenomenon. They are the equivalent of a soccer riot. The purpose of those who initiated it might be exposed by the nature and target of the attack in Benghazi. That sounds like revenge assassination against visible Americans. In short, the stupid movie is irrelevant to the important event.

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Pat, the Ayatollah sent the hostages home because he had made the deal to hold them for the humiliation of Carter, who let the Shah come to America. GOP secret traitorous dealing, not Ronnie's proclivity to violence. We murdered the Iranian airliner as a warning not to let Iran's imminent victory in the war with Iraq excite them into attack US ships in the Gulf.

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Thanks! That makes it less ridiculous and more bloodthirsty, which is not good. But it fits Netinyahu

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what, apart from the ruin of sites for the fictitious nuke program, is the upside in strategic implications for Israel of a war w/ Iran?

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Awesome news coverage!!! Thank you! To think we took down an evil government because of the danger that it would harbor terrorists, and yielded this! I guess getting Iraqis to kill Iraqis instead of letting their government hurl a few Scuds into Israel was the real deal. I don't see how this ever turns out well for legitimate US interests in the Middle East, certainly not in Iraq.

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Too sadly I recall the self-serving indifference of the canadians to the movement to end the Vietnam war.

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If Netinyahu's personal character is huge in this, then it probably has a lot to do with his own role as a player in the theft of nuclear weapons technology from the US. He imagines it would be as easy for Hezbollah to get a nuke or three as it was for Israel, if only Iran had the fuel. It's a mad delusion he's uniquely prepared to suffer.